Freedom for Venezuela

On Sunday Venezuela completed its legislative  election for 2015.  Current Communist President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has acknowledged defeat from Sunday’s elections.

This was the worst beating for the ruling “Chavismo” movement since Hugo Chavez took power in 1999.

Somebody dropped a banana down his pants and let a monkey lose.

The freedom forces on Sunday crushed the Communist forces controlling Venezuela.

They have won the legislature for the first time in 16 years giving them the power to bury Comrade President Nicolas Maduro’s oppressive Cuban style rule.

The opposition Democratic Unity coalition won 99 seats to the Socialists’ 46 in the 167-national National Assembly, the election board said, with some districts still to be counted.  Capitalism has been restored in the state legislature.

Thousands of Fireworks were set off in celebration. The Communists had on only once choice and that was to shut down their planned victory parties pack up their Hammer and Sickles and head home.

Patriots, time is drawing near quickly when the opposition leadership in Venezuela being held in jails modeled after Fidel’s Castro’s gulags will be free.  This is good news.

Last month Argentina fired its Communist leadership.

Next November President Obama, the Communist sitting in Washington D.C. and his Democrat Party  will face the same slap in the face and hopefully will face prosecution for his crimes against the Republic.

Whether from his gun running operation to the Mexican Cartels,  or for shipping weapons to the Islamic State in Syria via the U.S. Mission in Benghazi, Libya and the list goes on.

This prosecution for crimes against the U.S. Constitution and freedom loving people in this great republic  will be accomplished  from the new Justice Department.

This will be implemented by President Trump.  Plans are already in the works. Mr… Obama should probably start looking to hire attorneys now.

I would encourage the GOP led congress and its leadership to send a letter of congratulations to the Democratic Unity coalition leadership and to send a letter to
President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro demanding the immediate release of all political prisoners from Venezuelan jails.

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