The Evidence of Greatness in America

When I was a little boy growing up in Cleveland my Dad would often tell me about the great people of America.  Yes, he taught me about the obvious luminaries such as Dr. Benjamin Rush or Crispas Attucks.  But he often talked about the unsung heroes who are just as important to society as any historical figure.   Dad let me know that amongst the ranks of “We the People” resides the true backbone of our republic.

Needless to say, as we approach yet another time of Christmas I am more prone to take the time to fondly remember great individuals I’ve come to know.  Many have been great friends and others just fantastic people met along the blessed path of life I have traveled.  So often we may take for granted those we have known for a long time or have been friends with for years.  Sometimes we can be guilty of overlooking or not paying to the crowning achievements of those we are familiar with.

It is what I have come to recognize as not realizing that those we have known for a long time are just as capable of greatness as those who are already well known.  Whether they are great explorers, inventors, or other American of notoriety.  Mr. Carver had that others around him didn’t was the knack for researching far beyond what was the normal level of looking into the properties of botany specimens.

Another fine example is American founding father, John Adams who was very short in physical stature.  Yet he is considered by many objective historians as one of the giant pillars that upheld the successful break from British tyranny.  His tenacity helped set the fledgling republic upon the road to become the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Of course we have all heard about the enormously popular Rocky movie series that was written and mostly produced by Sylvester Stallone.  But what many fans of the blockbuster cinematic rags to riches story do not know, is the epic battle that Stallone had to endure and overcome to get Rocky to the silver screen.  For starters, Sylvester Stallone was on the lower rungs of the financial ladder.  But he never gave up on his vision of scripting and developing what became the record breaking Rocky movies.

Sylvester Stallone never allowed doubters, circumstances, or even initial rejections from every movie studio in Hollywood he approached, to stop him from forging ahead with his vision of success.

So often in life, people from all walks of life are blessed with visions of greatness.  In fact, everyone has a seed of greatness that God plants within us.  Unfortunately, most individuals do not tap into that seed of greatness and end up taking what God place within them to the grave totally unutilized.  Today America is full of many sovereign individuals who have been indoctrinated against rugged individualism.  Sadly, they rarely think of or dream of new inventions or writing the next great Broadway play, or some new innovation that no one else ever thought of.

negro projectxFor many years, I have engaged in numerous conversations with Americans about the awful business of abortion and Margaret Sanger’s diabolical, duplicitous, dangerous and deadly plans for Black Americans.  In fact, that topic has been featured on numerous pages of The Edwards Notebook syndicated radio commentary.  But all of the conversations, research and commentaries together don’t hold a candle to the effort put forth by one Bruce Fleury.  Mr. Fleury is a great American whom, by the grace of God did what no-one else thought about doing or were too lazy to put in the necessary work.  He wrote and produce an excellent book entitled The Negro Project.  Bruce was born in the garden state of New Jersey.  As a youngster he moved with his family to Michigan with his parents and five siblings.

He has been employed at Ford Motor Company and resides with his wife in the Detroit metropolitan area.  Through the years Bruce has been building upon his vast knowledge of American history.  His love of the gifts of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness prompted him to focus on the ongoing legalized murder of unborn babies.  Bruce also concentrated on the Margaret Sanger mission to wipe out the Black American population through birth control, then later via Planned Parenthood abortion mills.

The book The Negro Project is a cornucopia of history, regarding the diabolical plots and plans of racist democrat party progressives who’s biggest mission is to control and fundamentally change America.  They are out to control, divide and conquer the United States through death and moral destruction.  The Negro Project book is yet another fine example of how an American from any walk of life can do extraordinary things.

Check out The Negro Project by Bruce Fleury on or at your nearest Borders book store.

God Bless America and May America Bless God.

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