VIDEO: Young Conservative Confronts Planned Parenthood CEO in Debate

Last week, Christian Ziegler debated Barbara A. Zdravecky the CEO of Planned Parenthood of South West and Central Florida at the Sarasota Tiger Bay Club.

During the debate, which focused on the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood (Over $500 million annually), Ziegler confronted Planned Parenthood’s CEO about their lavish spending, abortion profits, why we must protect the unborn and the videos exposing the horrific actions of their organization.

Please take a moment to watch the informative debate and then click here to share any comments that you may have with Christian!


Highlights & Topics (By Video Timestamps):

  • 15:50: Colorado Shooting at the Planned Parenthood facility
  • 17:58: Why we must stop giving Planned Parenthood taxpayer dollars & their lavish spending
  • 26:20: Discussing profits made off of abortion
  • 30:35: How I can be pro-life and a limited government Conservative & how future generations will reflect back on us
  • 40:13: Why adoption is an important option and suggesting that we revisit the regulations on adoption
  • 43:25: Why I oppose abortion
  • 46:40: Social Conservatives & why protecting life goes beyond politics
  • 49:45: Additional options for women (outside of Planned Parenthood)
  • 55:27: Responding to Planned Parenthood’s claim that the videos exposing their organization were “heavily edited”
  • 56:56: Discussing why I’m pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment
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