Christmas wish: 4-Year-Old Tells Santa He Wants Help Praying for a Sick Baby

Micaiah Bilger from reports:

When 4-year-old Prestyn Barnette sat on Santa Claus’s lap, the South Carolina boy wasn’t thinking about toys or candy. He asked Santa to pray for a little baby who needed a miracle, a baby who Prestyn had never even met.

Santa Claus got out of his chair and kneeled down with Prestyn and prayed on Dec. 13 at the Dutch Square shopping mall in Columbia, South Carolina, according to Yahoo News.

Prestyn’s aunt snapped a photo of the touching moment, and the scene quickly went viral, inspiring thousands of people across the internet – especially the family of little Knox Stine.

Two-month-old Knox was found limp and unresponsive by his father, Carl, on Nov. 30, according to the report. Stine tried to perform CPR and then rushed the little boy to the hospital. There, doctors initially declared the Kingman, Arizona baby brain dead; but after a second examination, they discovered blood flow to his brain, the report states.

His mother, Mindi Stine, said Knox is scheduled to have a tracheostomy to assist his breathing on Friday.

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