National Greatness Begins With The Fear Of The Lord

If you have ever taken the time to ponder upon the state of education in America, perhaps you may consider the process of eliminating the influence of the Christian Bible.  The book of Proverbs reminds us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. (1:7) Despite the often repeated lie of bigoted progressives and some libertarians, the Founding Fathers realized the importance of providing and maintaining the needed influence of biblical absolutes upon the future direction of the republic.

In 1776, the future president John Adams said, “statesmen may plan and speculate for liberty, but it is religion and morality alone which can establish the very principles upon which freedom can securely stand.”  Of course, contrary to misguided popular opinion, that worthy mindset was widely held among the founders who helped shape the political, educational, and legal foundation of the United States of America.

Such luminaries like Daniel Webster, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush, Samuel Adams, and the father of our country, George Washington and many others echoed those same sentiments.  They wisely believed that the strength of the republic was dependent upon the morality of “We the People.”  They also believed that religion (I would say Christianity) must undergird it.   The founders clearly understood and saw the proper education of young minds being near the center of positive American progress.

All one has to do is objectively look at the process of decline in the quality of life in America that is in line with the reduction in the worthiness of government school education.  Many might say that what is called education is actually progressive government school, Saul Alinsky inspired indoctrination of students against all that is good. Also at the same time the standard of information regarding the quality of information regarding American history, math, science, etc. via common core and other deviant programs.

I for one have interviewed both high school and college students regarding subjects like American history, political science and civics.  Needless to say most of them had no concept of what civics is. I must say that it was very disappointing to witness the lack of any knowledge about authentic American history.  Yet they all could recite pro Muslim, anti-American, and anti-Christian bigotry.  Many students even displayed a level of hostility against our constitution, capitalism, Christianity and even Fox News.  All in All there was very little substantive evidence of intellectually stimulated sovereign individuals looking forward to building a good life in this great republic.

My concern is if these attitudes are not broken by truth and common sense, the United States of America has already seen her last days as a great nation.  One of my other disappointments with the results the Godless, constitution free indoctrination is the inability of students to discriminate the crucial differences even concerning current events.  For example, recently many American government school students gnashed their teeth and railed against presidential candidate Donald Trump.  Why?  Because he had the audacity to say “America should temporarily stop letting in Muslims until we can sort things out.”  But yet, they hardly expressed a care in the world about the recent and not so recent Muslim terrorist attacks against our republic.  There are few things more vulnerable than a nation who’s citizens are brainwashed against her defense and are clueless concerning authentic history, patriotism, and the importance of a strong moral fiber.

Unfortunately, because of a philosophical shift that took place in America which opened the door to the erosion in the quality of education and then moral standards­, our beleaguered nation could soon suffer tragic consequences.  It is as if the wisdom that America was once known for has taken wing and flown back to our heavenly father.  Thus the United States open to the decisions and evil plans of the progressives like President Obama to fundamentally change America.

It is abundantly clear that the founding fathers were correct in noting that the United States would fail, if she lost her religious (or Christian) foundation.  It is primarily incumbent upon Christian believers to stop being politically correct wimps and apathetic creeps.  Christians and so-called conservative republicans like those in congress must stop bending over to please the progressives and their Islamic terrorist allies who are pouring into our nation by the tens of thousands.  You can thank president Obama and Congress for not standing by their constitutional duty to protect this nation, the next time terrorists murder more American.

If the United States of America is to once again be truly great, with the set goals of Liberty and Justice for All, then we must reestablish the intestinal fortitude to boldly stand and battle against those who are either to stupid or simply evil enough to endanger our nation through a variety of horrendous blunders.  Some of which are incompetence, or corrupting compromise of Christian moral, Constitutional and educational standards.

Finally, to reestablish authentic freedom and liberty, Americans must be motivated to be morally disciplined and self-controlled.  Then we can totally wipe out any reason, real or imagined for the abusive control of an anti Bill of Rights, Agenda 21 leaning government that is hell bent on controlling us from cradle to grave.  The choice is up to you dear reader.  I for one pray to God almighty that you make the right one.  God Bless You, God Bless America and may America Bless God.

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  1. Dr. Clive Boorman
    Dr. Clive Boorman says:

    Considering your lack of Insight into the difference between the word muslim, and your lack of understanding of the word Islam; it should not suprise me that you understand nothing about the history of religion in the middle east, or europe, or why America was founded on Liberal Secular and Democratic Principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution; which defends religious freedom regardless of creed/sect/interpretation. If I judged all christians by Waco, Oklahoma, KKK, WBC, the shootings at an abortion clinic or racist shooting of black church goers by a white christian male.. I would conclude that they are all violent, hatefilled, racist nazis. Thankfully I have had an education and I don’t take a leaf out of the anti-theists book on this subject. Sadly you are as deluded with your utopian dream of a ‘christian’ america as the idiots who support ISIS or atheists who believe we are evolving to become more just. Firstly read some european history and ask yourself why those fleeing religious persecution from europe agreed to a constitution that protected all religious persuasions without making one of them the national religion. Then examine your overly simplistic interpretation of the word ‘christian’ and ask what that word even means in the light of two thousand years of internicine violence between sects? Is America to become a Catholic or a Protestant theocrasy? Is the Protestantism of the Southern Baptist Interpretation to be prefered to the Liberal Anglican theology of the UK. If you are a Catholic State will this be in submission to the Pope as the spiritual leader or one of the many self-appointed charlatans of TV evangelism. There is no single entity called a ‘christian’ except in your own mind. This is also true of Islam as a religion and muslims as individuals who adhere to various interpretations and sects of Islam. A theocrasy like in Iran and Saudi Arabia tend to be exclusive and violent towards dissidents and those who argue against the party line. Democratic freedom is the freedom to submit to the party line. A theocrasy is not chosen by popular consent in a multifaith nation. No single christian sect holds a majority position in the US and though the Republican Party is pushing this ‘christianisation’ of a secular democrasy I can tell you from history it won’t be the utopian dream you hope it will be. Like all dictatorships dissent is treated with absolutist judgements. If the dictator is human you can point out his fallibility and possibly remove the said dictator (i.e. George III) as the divine representative (Britain killed it’s ‘divine right’ king, Charles I, and then reinstated the the puppet monarchy as god’s token representative on earth with little actual political power). A theocrasy has the problem of nominating/electing a divine representative as the arbiter of what is the orthodox position of interpretation of the divine will. In Saudi Arabia that is the King. In Iran it was the Ayatollah. theocrasy fails because there is more than one way to interpretate a contradictory text. A book that tells us exterminating our enemies and enforcing slavery on non-believers is the will of god (the Bible) also tells us to love our neighbours/enemies (Leviticus). We can argue about abbrogation but when you consider the crusades and wars, fought believing they had god on their side, you have to ask did god say bomb your enemies or love your enemies? I know which one the average Republican politician would opt for in foreign policy. Considering American history the ‘christian’ settlers ethnically cleansed america of it’s native population putting them in internment camps on areas of land determined as not fit for commercial use. You rounded up the Japanese during the last world war and excluded people who had socialist opinions from being american citizens. Your democrasy is one of the finest examples of Liberal Secular Democrasy in action but it has an underbelly of racist theology/ideology and a tendency towards the right wing of politics where dissent is to be mercilessly crushed. Any theocrasy in the states would be a destruction of both the Liberal ideal of a democrasy based on equality of right independent of belief of divine right. It would be the death of the american ideals within the constitution. The Civil war was fought over different interpretations of the right to own slaves from biblical passages. The Union won because it was the majority decision that all men were created equal regardless of race or belief. It would be a betrayal of the constitution and your history as a nation to undermine the desire for the ideals of that dream that Martin Luther King so eloquently voiced. For me the american constitution is the best ideal in the world. A nation of equals under one flag regardless of petty differences in religious interpretation or parental/ancestral background. If nothing else in your short history is worth preserving it is that single ideal of religious freedom which only survives in a secular state where all religions/sects are equally embraced and excluded from the rule of law. You lose that and you have lost everything that is great about america. It seems to be the agenda of the Republican party and the christian right in america to force through legislation that pushes one brand of sectarian interpretation of christianity onto the education system and one christian interpretation of morality to the exclusion of alternative christian or islamic interpretations of what is moral. When you start killing people because they don’t share the belief that gay people or black people were not created equal according to one interpretation of christianity you have the foundations of civil unrest, revolution or civil war. Now the american revolution may have started because of taxation without representation but at its core was a belief that no individual had the divine right to rule and particularly rule in an unjust (unfair or unequal) way. For my money that ideal is worth preserving. More Christianity is not what america needs.. what it needs is a better educated and informed population to see through the lies perpetuated by politicians, preachers and biased journalists.


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