The GOPe Rape of the American Tax Payer — A Political War is brewing!

The Republican Party establishment, a.k.a. GOPe, no longer represents “We the People”.  The GOPe has morphed into a conglomerate symbiotic amoeba joining with the Progressive forces on the radical left, a.k.a. the Democrat Party.

Today there is no difference between the two.  We have one giant Progressive machine grinding down the American working class.

paul ryan leader of gope

Paul Ryan, head of the GOPe.

There is ZERO Republican leadership in Congress and they have just raped the U.S. tax payer in an open park with the flood lights shining down upon them.

The GOPe has just funded over one trillion dollars of discombobulated pork.

Instead of cutting spending and reducing the size of government, eliminating income taxes, eliminating programs and departments to manage this unsustainable debt, they have instead planted more tears in the wheat.

The New World Order Progressive GOPe wishes to destroy our capitalist freedom loving  nation.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has the white flag of surrender tucked in is belt loop.  Senator McConnell and  Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) are one in  the same and they both will block every conservative effort to stop this massive spending spree on borrowed Communist Chinese cash.

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) said the process is, “[A]n affront to the Constitution – the very idea of constitutionalism – and an insult to the American people.” The Omnibus Spending Bill:

  1. Increases deficit spending.  It is a disaster for this nations fiscal stability and national survival.
  2. Funds Obama – Romney care.
  3. Funds Planned Parenthood, that will still continue to chop up unborn babies and sell the body parts for “science projects”.
  4. Funds the resettling of Muslim migrants from terrorist nations.  The FBI will soon be kept busy investigating future terrorists attacks on our malls, schools, day car centers, and football games and subways.
  5. Has quadrupled the number of visas Obama  wants for foreign workers.
  6. Fully funds the Green Climate  Fund.
  7. Delays  Obamacare taxes for companies but buries individuals in fines and penalties.

Democrats can now get whatever they want in every budget debate. The GOPe have surrendered. They are weak gutless cowards. Our government needs to shut down until these members of Congress stop spending OUR money.

There were 95 principled Republicans and 18 Democrats who voted against the Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell spending bill, which gave President Obama everything he wanted and raised our national debt by over $1 Trillion. The time has come to  make it very  painful for any Republican who voted for this financial assault on our nation.

Click here for the roll call list of those members of the GOPe who voted for the bill and the 95 Conservative Republicans who voted against the bill. Note that two Florida Republican members of Congress voted for the bill: Rep. Vern Buchanan and Rep. Tom Rooney.

After the primaries and Mr. Trump has secured his nomination as the candidate for the Presidency we will start the process of dismantling the Republican Party and the GOPe.

I know this is hard for some of you but you must change your party affiliation to NPA or Independent.  Join the Libertarian or Constitution Party.  Just remove yourself from the GOPe.  They do not represent you anymore.  You must sign the divorce papers.  Time to go… Its time to leave the GOPe  as it dies a slow death.

Why even Senator Rubio could not even bother to show up to vote on this budget bill.  Another pussy that needs to fired from the tax payer payroll.

His pay check needs  to be docked $10,000 for each vote he misses.  What a joke he is.

So the Republican-Democrat machine has just buried us in another trillion in debt to appease  their lobbyist ass kissing buddies.

left wing muslims100,000 Muslim refugees coming to America on your dime now funded….. they will then be able to bring in a million more family members as sponsors……..Where to build all the mosques ?

To all militia forces across the Republic that get my mail…. arm up.   War is brewing.  Get on point to defend the Republic.

Mr. Trump, I sent a copy of this column to your team in in Washington, D.C. and in Beverly Hills.  Start preparing to fund the removal of all Muslim migrants being brought into this country when you are sworn in as President in 2017.

If you are not angry then you are not informed. If you are not informed you are part of the problem. If you are part of the problem then get on board and get educated on the issues and start preparing to defend this nation from the war that is brewing.

If you fully understand the gravity of this problem and do nothing I will not defend you in the future.

In closing I show below some pictures of a few government offices in Syria which the FBI allegedly contacted to vet Muslim refugees for passage to this Judeo-Christian nation – the United States of America.

Any questions ?


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