Trumpites are fundamentally changing the Democratic and Republican Parties

Trumpites are fundamentally changing the Republican Party into the New American Party. Blue Dogs are moving away from the Democratic Party and becoming independents, with some registering as Republicans in order to support Trump in the primary (see below).

Their sole objective is to make America great again.

They have a leader named Trump, who in fact, follows their lead. The Republican and Democratic Parties need to take heed of this committed and energetic group of voters.

Sun Tzu wrote, “Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.”

Trumpites know their enemies, which include but are not limited to: Obama Democrats, establishment Republicans (a.k.a. GOPe), the media, Muslims, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Will, Jeb Bush, and on and on.

Trumpites believe they can win the battle for the White House with the only candidate who is actually following the Department of Homeland Security’s policy of when you see something, say something – Donald J. Trump.

When Trump sees something, he says something and more American voters love him for it.

The New York Post’s Marisa Schultz writes:

Donald Trump ratcheted up his attacks on Hillary Clinton Sunday, blasting her for playing the “woman’s card” and saying her notoriously philandering husband would be “fair game” when he hits the campaign trail for his wife.

Bill Clinton was a “liability” when Hillary ran against President Obama in 2008, and it will be no different this election cycle, Trump predicted on “Fox and Friends.”

Read more.

Now that’s saying something. An establishment Republican would never say that for fear of being labeled an anti-woman bigot. Trumpites eat up this kind of directness and confrontational attitude with glee. Trumpites love the truth and anyone who speaks it in plain, simple terms.

Trump is a master of the sound bite and speaks the language of Joe and Jane six-pack.

trump democrats

Trump Democrats registering as Republicans.

I saw this post on Twitter today:

 TRUMP WORLD (@trump_world)
12/28/15, 8:30 AM

“Today we went and changed our party from Democrat to Republican so we can vote for @realDonaldTrump

In a Politico column titled “Trump ties with Pope Francis in U.S. poll for second most-admired man in the world” Nick Gass writes:

On the list of most admired men, Pope Francis and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tied for second place with 5 percent each. Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders earned 3 percent, with Bill Gates at 2 percent.

A mix of religious and political figures, including the Dalai Lama and George W. Bush, rounded out the top 10, with 1 percent each. For Trump, this is his fifth finish in the top 10, the other instances coming in 1988, 1989, 1990 and 2011.Read more.

The frustration with both political parties has fueled the rise of the Trumpites.

Trumpites are those from all parties, every walk of life and every economic class. Trumpites are sick and tired of politics as usual, hate career politicians and feel the government is totally corrupt and oppressive. This is the core that will fundamentally transform the Republican Party, and those 115 Republicans who voted for the Paul Ryan omnibus budget.

Trumpites are nationalists but not socialists. They are the former silent majority, who now have a national spokesman – Donald J. Trump.

Their leader is Donald Trump, their goal is to win the White House in 2016, not for any political party but for America.

In 1776 those who broke away from the ruling class were called patriots and it was they who fundamentally changed America from a subservient colony of King George III to a Constitutional Republic based on individual freedom and liberty.

Today these anti-ruling class voters call themselves “Trumpites.”

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