EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Growing anti-Government protests in Iranian towns of Mashhad and Shandiz

Complimentary reports from Mashhad city, in Northeastern Iran, indicate that more people are joining the Town of Shandiz protest against the government plundering of the people.

Reliable reports say that at this hour (1600 local time) Thursday, December 31, 2015, the number of protesters has reached 2,000.

They are chanting slogans including: “we have heard thousands of empty pledges”, “Shandiz shareholders have been lied to”, “the incompetent governor must resign”, and “we are mourning today, because our lives are up in smoke.”

iran protest signs

Mashhad residents say we only can rely on God, and nobody in the government.

One protester plead to God saying, “Oh Lord, please relieve us from this misery.”

iran protest people in street

Another angry protester said “I have lost everything. I gave all my livelihood for this project. My children are sick and I have nothing to care for them.”

iran protester in street

Yet another angry protester condemned the government for his poor state of life saying, “This government would not do anything until a number of these people die.”

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