Refugees? Yeah Right — This Is Jihad With Boots On The Ground

Anyone who has ever deployed can tell you how hard it is to kiss your family goodbye. You kiss your wife and children counting the days until you return home. Why are these refugees just now leaving Syria and all at once. These refugees are not widows and orphans they are soldiers on deployment. They are soldiers deploying for war and this administration is providing housing, clothing, food, to those who are coming here to destroy us. If that’s not treason, then please tell us Feinstein what is. She sits on the intelligence committee, only proving to me she isn’t all that intelligent.

When a man flees his homeland, he brings his family with him. When a man deploys for war he kisses his family goodbye with no promise of returning home. The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated every branch of our government while establishing command right here in our home. This is nothing more than a military deployment in disguise. The weapons they need are staged throughout the country to be handed out when they get here. This administration was unable or unwilling to protect our embassy so I have no confidence they can protect this country. Corruption in Government has gone on for centuries and must stop. Washington I am sending you a message that each of you had better read.

You better stop worrying about your careers and start focusing on the life of this country.

Anyone who knowingly gives aid and comfort to the enemy is a traitor and should be arrested. If they are not stopped, there will be no election.  Unlike some voters you have to be alive for a vote.

If you’re afraid of these traitors then you are no leader we need. This country needs someone who knows how to fight and not worry about hurting feelings when making decisions to get that done. Most of you are so concerned with your image you’re to blind to see the evil in front of your face. Incompetence or blackmail will be no excuse for your failures because failure is not an option. This is not about politics, it’s’ about life and the future of this country. The choice is yours and you better start doing your freaking jobs today or pack a box and resign tomorrow.

God bless America and I pray you each make the right decision,

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the DC Gazette.

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