EXPOSED: Big Business is Driving Muslim Refugee Resettlement in America

Update:  Be sure to learn more about what you should do about this during Election 2016 at American Resistance 2016!

The so-called ‘religious’ charities that resettle refugees in America and those in the UN/US State Department administering the refugee admissions program that is bringing tens of thousands of Muslim (and other) refugees to your towns want you to think this is all about ‘humanitarianism.’  It is not!

The do-gooders bringing refugees to America are shills for big business whether they know it or not!

It is about globalization and multi-national corporations’ need for cheap migrant laborers!

Did you read our post about BIG MEAT and Amarillo, TX just this week? It went viral and has brought thousands upon thousands of readers to RRW!  The business model is that companies, often times companies in the food industry, encourage (lobby for!) more refugees to be admitted to the US (or for amnesty for illegal aliens).

They get the slave laborers, your town gets the social/cultural tension, and taxpayers at all levels of government supplement the meager wages with WELFARE!  

Chobani Twin Falls Idaho

Cobani Twin Falls plant. As a driver of refugee resettlement, Chobani Yogurt is changing Idaho by changing the people.

Dems get reliable Leftwing voters!

(See also our post on foreign operatives changing America with refugee labor, here.)

Rich people going to Davos to make plans for your town!

This is what got me started this morning.  The Financial Times tells us that the founder of Chobani Yogurt will be making a pitch at Davos this week at the World Economic Forum for more companies to adopt that ‘business model’ and hire (read IMPORT) more refugees to small and medium-sized American cities!

Financial Times:

Last year Hamdi Ulukaya, a Kurdish entrepreneur who created the billion-dollar US-based Chobani yoghurt empire, travelled to Greece to see the swelling refugee crisis with his own eyes. Unsurprisingly, he was horrified by the human suffering that he witnessed, particularly as he shares a cultural affinity with many of the refugees — he grew up near the Syrian border in Turkey, before moving to the US as a student.

But Ulukaya was also appalled by something else: the hopelessly bureaucratic and old-fashioned nature of the organisations running the aid efforts. “The refugee issue is being dealt with using [methods from] the 1940s and it’s in the hands of the UN and mostly government and you don’t see a lot of private sector and entrepreneurs involved,” he told me last week. “I decided we have got to hack this — we have got to bring another perspective into this issue, there are technologies that can be used.”

So Ulukaya decided to act. Last year he established a foundation, Tent, to channel financial aid and innovation efforts into refugee work.


And he has stepped up efforts to hire as many refugees as he can at his yoghurt plants, where they currently account for 30 per cent of the total workforce, or 600 people. “There are 11 or 12 languages spoken in our factories,” says Ulukaya. “We have translators 24 hours a day.”


At next week’s World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, he will call on other CEOs to join a campaign to channel corporate money, lobbying initiatives, services and jobs to refugees. Five companies have already signed up: Ikea, MasterCard, Airbnb, LinkedIn and UPS — and Ulukaya says more are poised to join.

Continue reading!  Reporter Gillian Tett quotes me, and mentions protests in Idaho and New York where Chobani is bringing in the refugee laborers.

See our complete archive on Twin Falls, Idaho and the ‘pocket of resistance’ that has formed there.

P.S. When I first learned about what Chobani Yogurt was doing to rural America (here), I never again bought any Chobani Yogurt!  I go down that dairy aisle and give them a mental finger (sorry to our more proper and polite readers).

Nine major federal contractors which like to call themselves VOLAGs (Voluntary agencies) which is such a joke considering how much federal money they receive:

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EDITORS NOTE: Chobani Yogurt CEO pursuing Syrian immigrants for employment in the United States. If you disagree readers may click here to send an email urging Chobani, Inc. officials to make national security, public safety and jobs for Americans the priority in Chobani hiring practices.

5 replies
  1. George Fuller
    George Fuller says:

    Big business drives immigration of any kind……..All they want are ever more bodies to sell stuff to so sales keep going up…….screw the results…….of immigration

  2. 11thhour
    11thhour says:

    Donald Trump wants to bring industry back into the United States. Does that mean even more immigration for cheap labor as a natural consequence? Hmmmm …

    • Tabitha
      Tabitha says:

      Donald is not my first choice for republican president, but since he’s the only one we have, I’ll take him over Hillary. He said he wants to bring businesses back in order to give OUR people the jobs they’ve lost, and the wall, so let’s hope he’ll do what we expect him to do.

  3. wb
    wb says:

    America is finished. Done, kaput. the reason is so simple. Americans, at least the vast majority, lack the balls to stand up and do something. Our country is going down the tubes because there are too few of us willing to stand up and take on the government. The government deals in massive force. They are the occupying force that creeps into everyone’s daily life. Most Americans still think they live in a free country. Think you are free? Really? Try using the N word at any job and see how fast you get canned. Use that word in public in the wrong place and I guarantee you get your ass beat or even murdered. Express your opinion on a senator, congressman, or phoney bastard in the White House, see how fast you get a visit from the federal gestapo. America was founded and settled by European Americans with balls. They fought, bled, and died in the millions to give us this great country. Our ancestors were true bad ass. Their descendants on the other hand are a bunch of wimps. People, the invaders are here and more are arriving every day. They hate you, your family, and everything about this country. They are right now planning and organizing a massive terror campaign that will give them this country lock, stock, and barrel. The politicians are already in their pocket. More of them are being hired in state, local, and federal govt everyday. The attacks we see on the cops today will soon enough be directed at us in the malls, the schools, the stores, and in our own homes. The enemy birthrates far surpass ours, to the point that if we admit just a few more million, in time these people will outnumber us all and will simply take whatever they think we deserve. I can understand being afraid. After all, standing up immigration means standing up against the federal government. The government owns all the major weapons systems which means they can at the outset, set the terms. America, in order to throw off the newly crafted chains they are making for us, would require the organization and training of 25 million Americans in the ways of combat. What, you think just electing a new White House occupant and new House and Senate would change things? The enemy already owns those institutions and it is only with their say so that people can run. The government here is at the head of the one world snake and it is the large American corporations who are pushing hardest for this illegal invasion of muslim and 3rd world immigrants into our country. Simply put, they are waging white genocide against the people of America, Australia, and Europe. This absolutely will not stop until whites are removed from their ownership of these lands, by either birth rates or war, either way the elites will being in One World Government. They know what they have to do to accomplish this and if they have to murder every single white man, woman, and child to do so this is what they will do. My opinion says it is mostly too late to reverse course. Even with Trump as president there are simply too many brain dead people in this country who fail to see the big picture and where this is all going. However, history shows that even if a small group is dedicated enough, things can happen. So, in a nut shell i will now tell you what must be done to get your country back. this advice is not for the weak stomach crowd. Organize small cells throughout the country. Keep your mouths shut. Use only people you can absolutely trust. Most will start with close friends and family. Learn how to use firearms and explosives. Learn Geurilla tactics and infantry basics. Learn what capabilities your enemy has. Learn how to write and debate as the spoken word argument will be needed to increase your ranks. Find those unafraid of public debate then swarm local town meetings and make damn sure the mayors and country commissioners know where you stand. make friends with local police and attempt to find sources within these depts. Trust no one from the federal side, assume these people are all compromised and already work for the NWO types. Attend school PTA meetings. Get involved at that level as these are the people tasked with integrating these illegals into our country. Get the message out front and center with speeches in parks, hand out flyers, etc. Anywhere you plan to hold a meeting make damn sure you provide your own security. Failure to do so could mean a gunman or car bomber running rampant through your ranks. The feds already employ thousands of radicals to do their dirty work. You would be amazed at how many terror attacks, while launched by islamists, were actually trained and equipped by our very own government. Listen, the other side is willing to do anything, use any amount of force, to get what it wants. They don’t have a problem bombing or gunning down innocents. the word they use for that is collateral damage. As far as the elites are concerned, you will obey. You will either obey or you and yours will be rounded up and disposed of. This is where we are people. This is the truth as God knows it, and now you as well. This fight will have to be organized, it will take many years, and it will require levels of stamina and courage few of us have today. However, more people everyday awake to the truth and are willing to do something about it. Get ready, it will happen whether or not you approve or participate. In the end we all have a choice to make, to be a victor or a victim. You can either lie down and let the mass of illegal humanity run over you or you can stand and fight back. Either way, your participation will be required.


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