Open Letter to Donald Trump RE: Scott Brown as Vice President

Dear Mr. Trump,

Many thanks for bringing hope back into the hearts of the American people and a chance to a return to this nation back to fiscal sanity and prosperity.

I must step in quickly though sir to respond to what you said about former Senator Scott Brown. On Saturday the 16th of January 2016 when speaking to a crowd at a Portsmouth, N.H., rally hosted by Scott Brown you said former Senator Scott Brown would make a “very good” vice president.

I must say “Negative on that sir”. We cannot have Scott Brown in the White House. He is the opposite of your free market growth ideology.

scott brown donald trump

Scott Brown (left) and Donald Trump.

Conservatives DO NOT support Scott Brown.

He was the man that cast his last vote on the fiscal cliff deal sending our nation into the first economic calamity adding trillions to our national debt.

He promised the people that got him elected, including the Combat Veterans for Congress PAC during is election campaign, that he would “never raise taxes.” So what did he do?

He voted to raise taxes on millions of working and middle class Americans.

His vote raised payroll taxes to 2 percent. The result is that households then making between $50,000-$200,000 a year had their tax bill rise an average of $1,635. He stuck his hand in our wallets like the liberal that he is and fleeced us all.

His support of massive tax hikes crippled economic growth, it helped to push the U.S. economy into a double-dip recession and deprive working families of much-needed income.

Scott Brown is a money grabbing Obama tax and spend Democrat in establishment Republican clothing. This is all unsustainable—Scott Brown advocates a European-style entitlement state.

The GOPe and Scott Brown should be ashamed of themselves. Yet the establishment Republican sheep still keep voting these types of people into office. We must stop it.

Mr. Trump you think he would make a good Vice President but I am here to help you stay away from this toxic avenger.

Scott Brown betrayed his constituents in the past, he let down the military that helped elect him and he lied to the very people who put him in power in 2010—Tea Party Republicans, independents, small-business owners, and working- and middle-class Americans who pay their bills and pay their taxes.

Scott Brown is anti-Second Amendment and he blamed the gun on the Newtown shooting. He supports all federal assault weapons bans.

He supported the Dodd-Frank, abortion rights agenda including Planned Parenthood.

He supports homosexual marriage. He thinks gays should openly serve in the military.

He supported the START Treaty, which unilaterally dismantled our nuclear weapons arsenal. This gave Russia the edge on us and enabled China to catch up to us.

Scott Brown is a disgrace to all of us that believe in the conservative cause and has no business in the White House unless to visit to wash windows and cut the grass.

He is anti-gun, pro-tax and a social liberal. There is very little difference between him and the Democrats.

Scott Brown is a New England liberal-socialist masquerading as a working-class capitalist RINO of the highest caliber.

Mr. Trump I am stepping in now to get you up to speed on some of the frauds that are in the Republican Party, i.e. GOPe.

Scott Brown is at the top of the GOP Establishment poster boys.

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