Dear GOP Establishment: You’re Fired!

While political analysts have been scratching their collective heads over the 2016 race to the White House, for the average political spectator, the fissures and fractures of a broken establishment, at least for the GOP, became glaringly apparent on the evening of President Obama’s final State of the Union.

Their pick for a Republican response to President Obama’s speech was South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, a seemingly perfect messenger.

However, something went horribly wrong during the course of the address when the disconnect with the party majority was clear.

What GOP strategists had hoped would be a creation of the Nikki “Fresh Face” Haley State of the Union response, resulted in a Nikki “Backlash” Haley rancor instead that set itself up to be perfect Sarah Palin sequel, you betcha. The Nikki Haley litmus test exposed an internal state of confusion within the old guard, further reinforced in the following weeks by real life Sarah Palin’s endorsement of one Donald J. Trump, not to mention other subsequent and normally highly unlikely endorsements from Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Willie Robertson.

In a surprise outcome, the people didn’t really buy in to the message of the youngest current governor in the United States who also happens to be pretty, as she tested the waters to see if women, swing voters, minorities (including immigrants) would follow suit. “Operation Fresh Face” backfired, leaving ordinary conservatives wondering if we are dumb or just plain stupid.  Surely, the governor with the least amount of experience and the most commercial face will be able to cast the future vision of the party.

Only one problem.  Nikki Haley, like most liberals, despises the Republican party base and its current front runners.  And why?  Because they sound too angry.

In an effort to purify the party, she picked up rocks and threw them at her own people, rather than taking her chance in the national spotlight to oppose what the majority of conservatives would perceive as the current failing administration.  She tackled what she thought were the biggest demons and, meanwhile, failed to see that she was standing inside a burning house.

What Nikki Haley failed to realize, is that plenty of regular pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-gun folks would rather trump the establishment by casting a vote for what that might ordinarily be considered a less than optimal choice with, at times, reprehensible rhetoric, simply because he is under no one’s thumb.

If ever there was a Nikki Haley campaign for Vice-President, it suffered a failed launch on the night of the SOTU.  Her only success was to finally put a nail in the coffin of conservative voters’ hopes that established GOP decision makers are actually listening to their base.  But should events turn beyond all reason, it is now clear that the only thing Haley has established is that she would make an excellent running mate for someone like a super PAC hopeful Jeb Bush.

Moreover, that both liberals and conservatives alike should kiss the establishment as they once knew it goodbye, is the hallmark of this 2016 presidential race.  Loyal modern day liberals stand by while Bernie Sanders steps out of the shadows to give Hillary night sweats.   The Pinterest generation has put their 27 dollars worth where their mouth once was:  Nobody has to do the thinking for us.  We want action, not bureaucracy.  Meanwhile, in both establishments, the most sought after strategists in the world are too entangled in known protocol that has always worked before to successfully troubleshoot the trending phenomena.

So, as for the GOP, Nikki Haley, and her puppeteers, while they may have earned a gold star for diversity, they clearly continue to miss the big picture.  Even the most fresh faced Republicans like this, allegedly, self-misrepresented white girl on her voter registration, a Sikh Indian all of her life yet Methodist by marriage, and a very pretty, sweet, and intelligent lady CANNOT be selected as the GOP voice if the Republican’s expect a White house victory.  The only good to come of it would be picture perfect Christmas cards and increased SNL ratings.

Even after a devastating loss for the Clinton establishment in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton is salivating.  For without even lifting a finger, the GOP establishment is defeating itself by wounding its own frontrunner. It’s time to LISTEN, for the voice of the angry majority to be HEARD, as they let America in on a little secret.

Dear Establishment:  You’re Fired!


New Hampshire Republican Primary Results

New Hampshire Democratic Primary Results

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