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The latest Energy and Environmental Newsletter, is now online.

Three particularly revealing items from a very busy news cycle:

  1. As a reward for her efforts to assist New Englanders threatened by industrial wind energy, citizen advocate Annette Smith was sued for “practicing law.” Fortunately this sham was resolved shortly, in favor of common sense. (See here and here.)
  2. In an attempt to promote fiscal responsibility(!), some 350 of Australia’s climate scientists were given layoff notices. The argument to keep these positions was revealing. Before: they have high confidence computer models, and strong certainty that we understand the climate. After: there are many climate unknowns, and the models need a lot more work. (See here and here.)
  3. After dealing with thousands of adults on environmental and energy issues, it’s clear that our current education system is not working. We need to start someplace to fix this, so here are my initial recommendations.

Some of the more interesting energy articles in this issue are:

11 Ways To Kill Industrial Wind Projects

The Windmills of Bernie’s Mind

Archive Study: Renewables Won’t Save Us, So What Will?

Professor Investigating Flint: Greed has Killed Public Science

Proposed Oregon Law will monitor net impacts of energy policies (!!)

Commentary on US Supreme Court “Clean Energy” decision (and another)

Offshore Wind Turbine Maintenance Cost: “100 Times More Expensive Than A New Turbine Itself”!

Bad Incentives Undermine the Scientific Process

Some of the more informative Global Warming articles in this issue are:

What Do We Know About CO2 and Global Temperatures?

The Four Errors of Mann’s Recent Peer-Reviewed Study

Greens vs Transparency

Dr. Christy’s Congressional AGW Testimony

Climate Scientists Misapplied Basic Physics

Can we just hit the “restart” button with Climate Science?

300 Scientists Officially Protest NOAA Data Secrecy (+ more)

House Votes for Open, Accountable Science

Audubon goes over the edge

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