VIDEO: We should all be thankful that God is not fair

We’ve all heard a million times: Life’s not fair. The first time we probably heard it was when we got punished for something by our parents.  Suddenly the realization dawned on us that until we left their house, life was never going to be “fair.”

Well, here’s a meditation to think on for Lent: God is not fair — not in the slightest bit fair — and thank God for it.

That, of course, is Mother Miriam. We’ve kind of adopted her as our Church Militant mom since she was up here in the summer, where we shot some interviews with her where she was our guest for a few days.

At Church Militant, we love bringing you these interviews with various notables in the Church — clerics, prelates, theologians, religious — each one in love with Our Lord’s Holy Catholic Church. The reason is pretty obvious: With all the confusion (and confusion is the watchword in the Church these days), you need to hear voices of clarity — Catholic clarity, with no ambiguity — not the slightest hint of doubt or wavering or ambiguity. One of the glories of the Church is Her brilliant clarity. It’s one of the shining jewels She wears.

But we know there are various people in the Church who revel in vagueness, who love the confusion because of the damage it causes. They want to refashion the Faith, the Church. They want to recreate Her in their own image. People like Mother Miriam and many others — we’d like to include ourselves in that number and all of you — are not going to let that happen.

In these first few weeks of 2016, Church Militant has brought or will shortly be bringing you interviews with Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, Bp. Rene Gracida, Dr. Charles Rice, of course Mother Miriam, Bp. Athanasius Schneider, Bp. Anthony Borwah and others to be announced later. We need to hear from people like this — dedicated committed Catholics.

One of the results of the confusion and Modernism almost omnipresent in the Church these days is the feeling of isolation it can bring for so many. As the Faith dwindles more and more owing to the confusion, more and more people feel deserted or left alone, thinking or wondering if they are the crazy ones for believing what the Church teaches because everyone keeps telling them that.

You are not crazy, and you are not alone.

These great minds we get to interview — minds imbued with wisdom and insight — should convince you that you are not alone, and certainly not crazy. They know in the end that whatever happens, the Church is right, and that is our great hope.

Please click the link to watch our second full interview with Mother Miriam on the crisis in the Church.

And keep in mind we offer a 15-day free trial for those of you who do not yet have your Premium accounts. Sign up now and you have over two weeks to watch the two interviews we currently have of Mother Miriam, plus hundreds of hours of other programs. We’ve spent over 10 years building this vast Catholic video archive, so please take full advantage of it.

More and more leading Catholics are making their way to our studios to share their thoughts on the crisis in the Church and help strengthen you. Please, listen to them.

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