Find out which Presidential Candidate you agree with most

Take this ​​short political quiz. You might find out that who you think you want for the election may not be who you agree with. Your answers when analyzed might surprise you a little!

I didn’t say it would help you pick a candidate because by November 2016 many of them won’t be around. However, this is an interesting test of Presidential Candidates you prefer. This is really good—Try this quiz! Who should you vote for?

This will clarify some of your ideas​ and help you to choose a candidate for President. ​​This is cool— you may learn something​ about yourself. You may be surprised. I was.

Be sure to move the ​”​importance​” spot on the left for each question and select the right side for most important and the far left​ for least important or anywhere in the middle areas for each question.

Try this short quiz to see which candidate you agree with on various subjects. It is very well done.


​P.S. There are additional choices besides Yes or No when you expand the “Other” section.​

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