Four Reasons You Can’t Afford to Miss Your Primary or Caucus

WASHINGTON, D.C. /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Super Tuesday, the biggest primary day of the election cycle, is around the corner. On March 1, 15 states will go to the polls to choose who they want to see on the November ballot. And after the primaries and caucuses that have already happened this year, it’s clear that every vote counts.

Learn if your state has primaries or caucuses and check out USAGov’s reasons to get involved:

  • Voting is your right. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s the most basic reason to vote. As a citizen, voting is your way of getting a say in the issues that your country faces and how to tackle them. Voting in your primary or caucus gives you the opportunity to choose the candidate who best represents your ideology and to do your part to get him or her on the ballot this November.
  • Your vote really matters. A handful of votes can swing a primary or election. Use your vote to voice your choice. Don’t let other people choose your next president for you. Look up your state’s primary or caucusand register to vote, if you haven’t already
  • Voting is fun! Researching candidates, learning about their plans and what they care about, watching debates, attending events–there are many things you can do to be part of election season. Whether you work at a poll during Election Day or volunteer at a campaign, make a plan to get involved.
  • Voting is rebellious and cool. Only 45 percent of voters under the age of 30 voted in the 2012 Presidential election. Young Americans can influence the direction of this country, but less than half of young voters are doing so. You know the issues you care about. Find out who represents them best and vote for that person, whether it’s for the local council, state capitol, Congress, or the White House.

Stay up-to-date with VoteUSA, USAGov’s yearlong effort to help Americans become more informed about the 2016 election. VoteUSA will also host regular Facebook Q&A sessions and Twitter events, as well as virtual office hours to answer your questions live. Don’t miss our Facebook Q&A on February 29 at 8:00 PM ET. Join the conversation using #VoteUSA or by following USAGov on Facebook and Twitter.


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