Putin: The Man Who Wants to Rule the World

Our national security will be the key issue in the 2016 election and knowledge of Russia’s role in the world affairs is imperative. Vladimir Putin has recently hailed Donald J. Trump as a talented man and absolute leader; a statement that resulted in a divided reaction among social media. You will be surprised by mine. Historically, the world knows very little about Russian leaders. Today the vast majority of Americans know that the Russian President has two daughters, divorced his wife, and he is in power over decade. That’s probably it. Only a few who follow world politics can grasp the nature of Putin’s political affairs for the last twenty years and the crucial changes that occurred lately: an attempt to change his image from an aggressor to a peace maker.

I belong to a few who know more about Vladimir Putin. We both lived in the same city and we both were Soviet lawyers. We both studied Marxism-Leninism and Stalinism at the same Law School for four years. My major was Criminal Law, Putin’s International Law. He graduated from Law School twenty years later, when I had already been practicing law as a defense attorney. His mentor, a Chair of the International Law Faculty, was my close friend: a smart and very savvy man with broad political horizons.

Vladimir Putin is a creation of the Soviet Socialist System. That means: Putin is a byproduct of Stalin’s dreams of One World Government under the Kremlin auspices —Putin is connected to Stalin by the umbilical cord of ideology. To analyze Putin’s mentality and forecast his behavior, knowledge of the major rudiments of the Stalinist ideology is imperative. I’ll briefly present only two: Stalin’s love of the Muslim culture and his obsession with chess. The two will show how the umbilical cord and Stalin’s political correctness catapulted Putin to the top of the world.

I have already written three books and 50+ articles describing Stalinist ideology. Yet, I am not sure many Americans are aware of the two crucial features in Stalin’s bio that transforms our world in the 21st century. Analyzing the goals of Socialism and Islam, we will find the common agenda—domination of the world by all cost. The first Soviet leader who noticed and saw the benefits of that unity for Socialism was Joseph Stalin. Brought up within the Muslim culture and later getting the assignment to be an organizer of the Marxist groups in the Caucuses, Stalin had extensively traveled the area, including the Northern part of Iran. The idea to use Islam in the fight against the West was crystalized then in his earlier political career and Iran had become a crucial point in his agenda.

The Muslim culture was also the main factor in the creation of the violent system we called Soviet Socialism. That exact system was brought to radicalize the Middle East by the Soviets during 1950-1990s. A violent mixture of Soviet Socialism and Muslim Jihad was initiated and established by Stalin at the end of WWII that had brought the notorious Muslim Brotherhood from Fascist Germany to Moscow. It was the time when Stalin’s old idea of infiltrating Islam came true. As we know today “the Soviet Union hastened to set up points of liaison in the East; and in so doing, Stalin, just before his death, invited Amin al-Husseini (d. 1973), the Mufti of Jerusalem and friend of Hitler, to Moscow.” Adding the description of the Muslim Brotherhood Part 1: The Genesis of Euro-Islamic Racism by Hans-Peter Raddatz

Since then Islam has been infiltrated, politicized, radicalized, and equipped with the Soviet long-term strategy of war against Western civilization. The Muslim Brotherhood was established as an Islamic Politburo, the beginning spark in generating Extreme Muslim Jihad. The first molding of a Soviet style leader was Arafat, recruited by the KGB in 1957, followed by Ayman al-Zawahiri, Bin-Laden, Abu al-Zarqawi, Anwar al- Awlaki, and finally al- Baghdadi. The logical chain of the leaders in space and time leads you to other terrorist groups: Taliban, Hamas, Boko Haram, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS are just some of the many other names under Soviet supervision. Read more:  http://bit.ly/1RePCAs

The second factor not widely known was Stalin’s obsession with chess-play, yet it was a long-term fixation up to the end of his life. Thought Stalin was very anti-Semitic, and most good chess players in Russia were Jews, nothing prevented him from being an obsessive chess player. He established the secret program offering  sophisticated psychological methods of thinking within his cadres and intelligence apparatus: “Few people will know the role of chess played in Soviet strategic thinking and the various programs that the USSR establish to train its military and intelligence elites in the art of Zevsebia or chess-think. Chess-think was for the USSR what game theory was for the U.S. during the Cold War, but the Soviets went further than the Americans in making chess-think second nature to their cadres.

“According to Soviet documents declassified in 2004, the first Zevsebia program was initiated in 1932 when Stalin, an obsessive chess player, put the man who would later head the NKVD (KGB) Beria in charge of running the program.” This marks a tight connection of Russian intelligence and foreign policy. The program and its tactic were known only to those within intelligence community.

“The program was only offered however to a small number of top operatives that had the appropriate levels of mental and physical fitness to pass the rigorous training. In the KGB for example, only agents promoted to the prestigious X2, nicknamed the steel professors, were allowed to receive a Zevsebia training. The X2, as you might have expected, was Vladimir Putin’s old unit in the KGB. An even more interesting fact is that the six remaining Zevsebia graduates are all associated with Putin’s inner policy circles, as former Kremlin insider Yuri Nodov revealed in his critical but obscure 2008 book ‘The Circle’.”

The author Karl reMarks also gives us an example of a current event: “Russia’s incredibly quick response to John Kerry’s suggestion yesterday that Syria could avert a US strike if it handed its chemical weapons was a masterful tactical move by the Kremlin master.” Do you remember Obama’s Red Line for Assad? It was Putin’s trick that dismantled the Red Line instantly. “Many commentators have pointed that Putin’s quick thinking has offered a convenient solution for all involved, but few have recognized the role that chess played in this incident. Keen enthusiasts of the game will recognize that Putin’s proposal was a variation on the classic ‘Jabowntski sacrifice’, in which a functionally-degraded chess piece is sacrificed to create space for maneuver elsewhere. But that is only half the story.” The Incredible Story of How Putin Used Secret KGB Chess Tactics to Outwit the US, by Karl reMarks, Sept. 10, 2013. Read more: ​ http://bit.ly/1sFZWSL 

The world is currently on fire, our planet is presently a powder keg, ready to blow up in any minute: nuclear and biological WMD or an electro-magnetic impulse. We are witnessing a mass murder on a global scale every day. Due to President Obama and our ill-informed social media that serves his Party, we are entering the point of no return. Socialism has become a legitimate ideology in America. Meanwhile the Republican establishment is timid and paralyzed for the last decades, reluctant to defend the morality of free market capitalism. They are out of touch A Paradox of Incompetence, accountable for not knowing the ideology of Soviet Fascism, which reigned abroad and domestically for the last several decades.

The time has come for America to negotiate from a position of strength and knowledge. Considering a shrinking economy in Russia, it is a predicament that forces Putin to talk now. Who is capable to negotiate with Putin from a position of power? Trump’s phenomena gives the answer. Trump is his own man and he is realistic about our challenges. There is nothing fake about Trump– he speaks the truth and by doing that he unifies the party. It was Obama’s policy that made Trump a common sense conservative. And as a result of the primaries in South Carolina today, Trump’s phenomena indicates awareness of who we are and the will of Our Founding Fathers—WE THE PEOPLE…

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  1. Laura Chausse
    Laura Chausse says:

    Fascinating aricle! Putin and Trump seem nothing alike to me. Putin’s comments about Trump leave me wondering what Putin’s real motives are behind his praise of Trump. Perhaps there is more to the story.


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