A Salute to Authentic Men

In an age where masculinity is often mistaken for male patriarchy, I want to commend the men remaining true to who they were created to be. As the country continues its descent down the road of gender ambiguity, they will be crucial to its restoration.

So many men have succumbed to the cries of the culture which desire to press them into a submissive mold. In numerous atmospheres they are told to defer to the woman, but don’t dare compliment her, because that could be seen as sexual harassment. In addition, they are advised to avoid politically charged topics at work, because it is not proper.

Heaven forbid a conversation comes up about abortion, and a man comments on the sanctity of life. Most liberal leaning people seem to think this issue is entirely the  woman’s choice, leaving the man out of the equation.

This belief has excused men from accountability and led to the surrendering of responsibilities in the family unit. And with the introduction of lesbian unions, who manage to acquire children, there will be little male influence in these families.

In this climate there is a growing animosity for authentic men and the roles that are rightfully theirs in society. It starts as early as preschool where boys have been disciplined for innocent acts such as bringing toy guns to school or kissing a cute little girl on the cheek. It only gets worse as these boys grow into young men and young adults.

Just the other day a good friend of mine was relating a story about when he dropped his son off at a new school. Like all parents, you want your child to make friends and feel comfortable. My friend decided to bring along a soccer ball to kick around with his son in hopes of gathering possible acquaintances for him to meet. He was surprised at the number of boys who came up immediately wanting to play and even race my friend.

There is undoubtedly a vacuum of male leadership in the inner cities where so often children grow up fatherless, but also in the number of broken families through divorce. Sadly the result can be men who question their identity. On the flip side those men who have had positive role models in a father, uncle, coaches, etc., usually grow up to be strong men.

Authentic men speak unapologetically about what they believe to be truth, gladly take leadership roles, and don’t remain silent or still when obvious wrongs are occurring. Their character shines through especially in the midst of stressful situations. And yes, they pay tasteful compliments to women that promote self-esteem while showing them respect.

Consider what John Eldredge, author of Wild at Heart, said about men needing permission to be true to their heart and their passions, and how that effects a woman.

“They need a deeper understanding of why they long for adventures and battles and a Beauty-and why God made them just like that. They need a deeper understanding of why women long to be fought for, to be swept up into adventure, and to be the Beauty. For that is how God made them as well.”

When women are around men who are comfortable in their own skin, it is encouraging, comforting and intoxicating. I would venture to say many marriages could benefit from the husband embracing true masculinity, because it yields legitimate femininity. It is a cycle that has gotten interrupted by a civilization that is growing more antagonistic of  gender norms.

Societal norms, for the way men should and ought to act, have been established over hundreds of years in America. But many men have grown away from these norms in part because of the feminist movement. Women and women’s issues seem to remain at the forefront of daytime talk shows and most definitely the  hot button topic of the liberal left, not to mention Hollywood’s bent.

Men who are undeterred by worldly discouragement don’t back down from confrontation due to their beliefs, and they stand up for those who can’t help themselves. I have had the privilege of knowing many men throughout my life who mirror these qualities.

Part of the reason for this article is to thank those of you who, despite the counter-pressure, continue in your roles. Believe me, in circles of respectful women, you are appreciated. I would also urge other men, who have dismissed their true calling, to step up to the plate and make a stand in these areas discussed. Your influence could be limitless.

We are in desperate need of authentic men, and if their numbers grow, they just may encourage the rebirth of true femininity in America.

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