Elected Criminals to be Reelected by Incarcerated Criminals

Hawaii lawmakers are expected to make a decision on House Bill 2773 on Thursday.  The bill would allow prisoners to retain their right to vote, even while incarcerated.

(Airhead) Representative Kaniela Ing introduced the bill.  He says denying convicts voting rights undermines democratic ideals.  Ing believes the process helps inmates learn about the system and helps them feel like they are part of the process and not against it.

“Feel like they’re part of the system and they can help create it and shape it,” says Ing.

But critics say convicted criminals have many constitutional rights taken away while they’re serving time, and this one shouldn’t be an exception.

“You’re punished.  You forfeit those rights,” says Representative Bob McDermott, “It’s a foolish idea and it won’t pass. It will embarrass members in an election year.”

Meanwhile: Sentencing set for ex-state senator in racketeering case

HB2773: Text, Status

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