Florida Governor Rick Scott’s insightful op-ed on Donald Trump

Florida’s Governor wrote a very insightful and passionate op-ed for USA Today titled, “Donald Trump has America’s pulse.” The op-ed is not an endorsement. Rather it is the reflections of one political outsider on another political outsider. Governor Scott has been there and done that, so to speak. Governor Scott writes:

Political pundits are shocked that Donald Trump is leading in the polls. The same thing happened in 2010 when I entered the Florida gubernatorial race against the already anointed and establishment-endorsed sitting Republican attorney general. One establishment member even said to me, “How can you be governor? I don’t know you.”

I won the governor’s race in 2010 and many outsiders — some of them business people — continue to shock the political establishment by coming into elected office from careers outside of politics. Attorney Chris Christie was elected governor of New Jersey in 2009; manufacturer Ron Johnson was elected senator of Wisconsin in 2010; businessman Bruce Rauner won the governor’s race in Illinois in 2014; and businessman Matt Bevin won the governorship of Kentucky just a few months ago. Voters have been choosing new ideas and new energy over the old formula of sheer time served in political office.

I know Donald Trump personally, and while I currently have no plans to endorse a candidate before Florida’s March presidential primary, there is no doubt that Donald is a man who speaks and tweets his mind freely. But I don’t think his ability to give the most interesting interviews or speeches is the only thing that has him leading in the polls. I think he is capturing the frustration of many Americans after seven years of President Obama’s very intentional government takeover of the U.S. economy.

Click here to read the entire USA Today op-ed piece by Governor Rick Scott.

Governor Scott has focused his efforts on cutting taxes, job creation, cutting regulation and reducing the size of government. Governor Scott has also opposed bringing Syrian refugees to the Sunshine State.

Sound familiar? It should.


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  1. Steven J Husak
    Steven J Husak says:

    The big difference is that Governor Scott is a lifelong Conservative and has behaved like a gentleman and a leader, not a liberal 15 months before running for office as a conservative and behaving like a charlatan. A Donald Trump GOP nomination, and even possibly his election as POTUS would be the best thing that ever happened for the Democrats.

      • Linna
        Linna says:

        Right – Jeff Sessions and Phyllis Schafly both support trump too! political Correctness and immigration is killing our country and freedom!

    • Linna
      Linna says:

      As an entrepreneur I never asked a client about their political party – what smart business person would deal with associates based on politics? Answer – no one! This includes Donald Trump

    • grandmafufu
      grandmafufu says:

      AND YOU ARE AN IDIOT. #DONALDTRUMP HAS BEEN A REGISTERED REPUBLICAN SINCE 1988 and was instrumental in getting GHW Bush into office, both with campaign finances and his presence even at the Republican Convention. He was the force behind McCain and Romney. You might want to educate yourself before you open your stupid mouth.

    • Carol Cumbie
      Carol Cumbie says:

      They were not saying that about Scott when he was running they were trying to make him corrupt like Trump. Trump has been a republican for a long time. There is a you tube of him at a convention as a guest of Bush. He loves it. These saying he is not a republican are lying. Just like without Trump Bush would be named the leader. Romney Bush and Rubio were on an airplane together laughing it up. Bush spent 140 million with negative ads against Trump. Bush is out and Rubio is his attack dog since Rubio is doing so badly Romney has the nerve to come out and tell those who vote for Trump are suckers. We were suckers when we voted for him. He gave the election to Obama my feeling is Obama had something on him. I wonder could it be that he was part owner in Bain and then he Formed Bain Capital where he was head of everything. So no one could tell him no you can’t do that . Trump is who the American people want. We are sick of politicians.

  2. Billy S DuBose
    Billy S DuBose says:

    We have to show our steadfast character as an “American Citizen” Populous, and not let this propaganda that is being hurled at “our” only Representative , in this race, stick! It is an all out war on the average American Citizen. Not Just Trump! DC, obviously intends to continue the same policies , that only acknowledge immigrants, while ignoring American Citizens….Military Superiority…..Veterans……and American Sr.s. They obviously are trying to keep us lowly Americans as their new “slave class”, with heavy taxes, and no representation. We can not stand , as an independent Nation, if we fail, in this task. The fact that Trump would even consider stepping forward to save this Nation, is a MARVEL , in itself. He has to be a brave soul to face war on all fronts, knowing he is putting his life in such danger. I do not know what all DC is hiding, but it must be even a heck of a lot more than even we feared. In my opinion,we need Trump, even more than we thought…….if only to find out what all is really going on. We know Donald Trump will bring back businesses and monies to America, that will offer new jobs for our nation., and get it back on sound footing…..and that Trump will take measures to protect this Nation, inside and out. He is the only one looking after Citizens……..What is not to love about Donald Trump.?! With Trump’s vast Billions as testimony of his experience in negotiating agreements, treaties and trade agreements are sure to improve in America’s favor. I have a feeling the reason America is loosing hundreds of billions ,now, in trade, is due to pay offs in personal accounts. All of the corruption will be over……that is what is scaring DC……..that, and getting found out as being corrupt. We have not a thing to loose with Trump……We, the American people, have everything in the world , to gain. We must remain steadfast in our resolve. ……..We must gather even more tightly, around our Candidate , and reach out to other Patriots to join us in this historic moment. It is a moment that , “We The People” will look back on for decades , possibly Centuries, as the moment , We either lost or saved our American Independence! Go Trump! Go Americans!


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