New Facebook group calls for slaughter of anti-Islamic Association PEGIDA Quebec

CIJnews Editor in Canada reports:

Kill Pegida Quebec”, this is the name of a new Facebook group launched on Monday, February 29, 2016 with a clear mission statement “to track down and eliminate one by one the directors of the hateful and racist [Facebook] page Pegida Quebec.”

Self-identified as a “political organization”, the new group accuses Pegida Quebec of spreading hate under the “false” disguise of freedom of speech and warns that its members will “destroy them and pursue them one by one.”

Pegida Quebec publicly opposespolitical Islam, radicalization, fundamentalism, sharia and all radical religions.” On its official Facebook page, the group declares its commitment to “protect our democratic values, equality for men and women, our language, our culture, our identity and the legacy of our ancestors.” The group denies being racist, xenophobic or Islamophobic movement. The postings on its page focused on exposing expressions of Islamic radicalism, mainly in Quebec, that are not covered by the mainstream media.

Since the CIJ News report the Kill Pegida Quebec Facebook page has been taken down.


CIJnews Editor

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