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NEW YORK, NY /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Pivit, the world’s largest real-time prediction market, announced today it has reached more than 4 million predictions made on its 2016 Political Marketplace, as the nation prepares for the Super Tuesday primary contests on March 1st. Pivit also commemorates another milestone today– marking more than 100,000 registered participants actively trading in the political markets during this election season.

“In this, the data election, our goal is to produce a categorical benchmark measure of real-time public consensus that answers the question most people want to know – ‘Who will win?’,” said Pivit co-founder Greg DePetris.  “Using data science and professional risk-takers, we have combined the best polling and gambling market data, real-time news and now a community of 100,000 competing participants in the U.S. and around the world to build an incredible asset that helps us better understand the electorate.  This benchmark index will only grow stronger, faster and more valuable as we head into the general election.”

“The markets are telling us a very different, very interesting story as the 2016 election cycle unfolds,” said John McNamara, Pivit co-founder.  “We have seen the markets leading in both the primaries and other key events in the campaigns to date.  Pivit continues to distinguish itself in providing the best real-time data in politics.”

Some additional takeaways from today’s announcement:

  • The more than 100,000 players registered to play Pivit are competing in more than 10 separate political event markets on average, providing a diverse set of opinions across the various contests.
  • Pivit surpassed 4 million predictions in just 6 months since the markets launched.  The company anticipates that the total number of predictions will continue to multiply leading up to Election Day 2016.
  • Player engagement spikes are most often tied to events, such as breaking news and primary debates, as well as the primary and caucus contests themselves.
  • The Pivit political markets have led news and polls in events ranging from primary and caucus winners, to campaign suspensions.
  • As the Pivit market grows, so has the importance of Pivit data to important analysis and decisions being made throughout politics, finance and broader industry.

Pivit has listed markets for all of tomorrow’s Super Tuesday primary contests.  Participants can register and continuously predict when election odds will change. Pivit tracks and reports real-time market odds to reflect the public consensus about each individual race and political outcome.

pivit logoAbout Pivit

Pivit is a global interactive gaming platform that combines data science and news with crowd-based public opinion to produce changing real-time odds on the outcome of events. Founded in 2013 by the minds behind Intrade, Pivit seeks to engage millions of people worldwide in real-time prognosticating on the outcomes of political contests, sporting events and key events happening around the globe. Live odds will change every second as the public weighs in on the increasing or decreasing chance of an event to occur. Players compete for points, rewards and status as they properly forecast the outcomes of world events. For more information: http://www.pivit.io/ or join our partners for political markets at http://www.cnn.com/predict.

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