Lutheran Social Services booklet on Muslims called ‘fantasy Islam’

Dr. Stephen Kirby writing at Frontpage Magazine analyzed the 61-page booklet prepared by one of the major federal refugee resettlement contractors, ‘My Neighbor is Muslim, Exploring the Muslim Faith,’ and tells us the shocking news that they relied on an Imam with highly questionable ties for the ‘enlightenment’ of naive Minnesotans about the goals of their “new neighbors.”

Jodi Harpstead is the CEO of Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota and as such is responsible for the deceptive booklet. She is making over $300,000 a year to seed St. Cloud and other Minnesota towns with Somali Muslims.


Jodi Harpstead

Jodi Harpstead

In 2015 the Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota produced a 61 page booklet titled My Neighbor is Muslim, Exploring the Muslim Faith. The purpose of the booklet was to enable Lutherans to learn about Islam in order to better understand their “new neighbors” who were arriving as refugees.

Kirby then lays out his argument in great specificity (read it all!) and wraps up with this:

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota created a booklet seeking to educate non-Muslims about Islam and encouraging them to have a welcoming attitude toward Muslim refugees coming into their neighborhoods. Ironically, the Muslim imam selected to endorse this booklet appears to be a Hamas supporter, believes that Shariah Law should be enforced in American communities where Muslims are the majority, heads one of two mosques that have been the focus of articles about Somali youth leaving Minneapolis to fight for a terrorist organization, and was recently refused a government security clearance. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Part 2 will look at how Islam is presented in this booklet.  [watch for it!—ed]

See our many many posts on Minnesota by clicking here.   Lutheran Social Service has been resettling Somalis in that state for three decades.


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  1. Mike Jones
    Mike Jones says:

    Are you people so deluded that you believe this tripe? I suspect that 150 years ago the same article could have been published with ‘Somali’ replaced by ‘Irish’. Not welcoming immigrants who are escaping persecution or searching for opportunity is un-American. Unless you are Native that’s how you ended up here.


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