Donald Trump has the New World Order [Communists & Muslims] trembling

We are getting closer to returning this nation back to a free market, capitalist money making, freedom loving, flag waving, glorious place to live.

Donald Trump, U.S. presidential candidate and free market capitalist, is turning the New World Order Foreign diplomats on their heads. YAY! My kind of dude.

They are getting mighty nervous about what they state are “inflammatory” and “insulting public statements” by the steam roller Republican presidential front-runner Mr. Trump.

All this according to senior U.S. officials who at this juncture in our history are either Muslims, homosexuals or members of the Communist Party.

Mid-level New World Order dictators from Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia have complained about Mr. Trump said three U.S. officials, who all declined to be identified. Which means they are scared and have zero backbone.

Exclude the republic of Colombia because that free market capitalist nation would not give Obama the time of day. You have more freedom in Colombia right now than here in the USA.

We are talking about Ecuador here. Venezuela is fighting for its freedom and will soon be back!

To the folks at the Venezuelan Embassy.. arrest your Communist president and prosecute him! Do it. Be free again like your neighbor Colombia. Get bread back on your shelves.

Senior government New World Order high rollers in countries like the Islamic State of Britain, Taco Tuesday Mexico, white flag surrender France, and Ted Cruz’s Canada — have already made public comments criticizing Trump’s positions.

Now I don’t dislike Ted Cruz, but he is from Canada. He should stick around and stop bashing Mr. Trump. There will be a place for him in the Trump cabinet. Perhaps as Attorney General?

Marco Rubio needs to step aside and start being nice to Mr. Trump too. He would be a good asset as ambassador to Cuba. He wants to help Cuba then step aside and get behind Mr. Trump. Do it!

All this while the Socialist German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel the Muslim embracing nation destroyer has branded Mr. Trump a threat to peace and prosperity in an interview published on Sunday.

This after Germany has banned all pork sausages to appease the Muslim take over of their country. Germany is on its way to being an Islamic state. They need to start getting the building permits ready for all the mosques.

Japan’s embassy declined to make any comment against Mr. Trump. They remember Hiroshima so they really don’t want to piss off future President Trump, best to say nothing at this juncture. Nagasaki also comes to mind.

The Indian and South Korean embassies did not respond to requests for comment.

The Indians did bring us superb curry recipes and South Korean’s the Hyundai so they are being quiet too.

Taco Tuesday Mexico did say its top diplomat Claudia Ruiz Massieu has accused Trump of being ignorant and racist and that his plan to build a border wall to stop illegal immigration was “absurd.”

mexicos-southern-border-fenceBut what the Mexicans fail to understand is that we have all the taco sauce we need, so indeed a WALL will be built to protect the sovereignty and security of the United States. Much like the wall the Mexicans built between their country and Guatemala.

Perhaps we will implement, under a Trump presidency, the same immigration policies Mexico has against illegal immigrants found in their country. See how that flies. Perhaps add a Trump Money gram tax of 2000% on all money wire transfers from the USA to Mexico.

Some of these New World Order wombats are also very upset by the anti-immigrant anti-Muslim rhetoric that Mr. Trump is pushing according to the Muslims and Communists currently running the U.S. government.

This country the United States is run on Constitutional law not Sharia law. So of course these folks are running scared by the protections Mr. Trump will put in place as President of the United States.. That’s his job as President to protect the border and ensure free trade.

The European Communists and the Middle Eastern governments are screaming enough already in regards to the alleged anti-Muslim declarations by Trump, that they say are being used in recruiting pitches by the Islamic State and other violent jihadist groups.

Folks, Muslims have been trying to decimate and kill Christians since Mohammed took power and went on a rampage across the once Christian nations of Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon and the entire Arab peninsula. Mecca sits atop a Christian church destroyed my Mohammed.

So honestly we don’t really care what Muslims think. Everything we needed to learn about Muslims was shown to us on 9-11-2001, in Paris on 11-13-2015 and in San Bernardino, California. The list is endless. I say the best way to protect a sky scraper is to deport a Muslim.

What is most interesting is that more than a hundred Republican foreign policy veterans pledged this week to oppose Mr. Trump, they stated in an open letter that his ideas would undermine U.S. security. I will get all their names for Mr. Trump.

Yes indeed these Communists and Muslims operating in our government are afraid that the U.S. military will no longer be used as the worlds policeman and that Mr. Trump will start to rebuild our military, rebuild are troop strengths, increase our carrier battle fleets. This also means that Saudi Arabia will have to start fighting its own wars. Leave us out.

Trump will also provide the Navy SEALs with all the weapons they need instead of them having to borrow weapons from buddies in between deployments. I sent this info up the chain of command via some congressmen. Lets see who acts on it.

The New World Order Communists in the White House have decimated our military weakening the United States. Mr. Trump will not tolerate this anymore.

Also, North Korea is threatening a preemptive nuclear strike on the United States… Seriously ? Mr. North Korea…..South Korea needs a parking lot for overflow cars from the malls in Seoul …..we will oblige….pick a day….

We will return to super power status and bury those Muslims and Communists and the rest of the evil doers in our government trying to take us down internally. Obama I have a plane ticket for you to Dubai….

The New World Order U.S. military Police Dept. is coming to a close and we can get back to rebuilding our nation and our military and return to constitutional governance. Mr. Trump is the leader we have been waiting for.

So to all the yellow bellied, Communists, Muslims, and illegal immigrants that read my columns….. pack your **** and find a new place to live. Your fired.

As for Hillary Clinton… start planning on a nice vacation at the Federal Holiday Penitentiary Inn. Cheers.

Copy to: Mexican Embassy Washington DC.
Copy to: Venezuelan Embassy Washington DC
Copy to: North Korean Consular in Cuba

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is courtesy of AFP/Michael B. Thomas.

20 replies
  1. Debbie Cormier
    Debbie Cormier says:

    I’m Canadian and I’m for Trump, anyone who can speak their mind like that and not be run over by political correct freaks and wants to make his country great and God-fearing has my vote. 🙂
    Go Trump 2016 #trumpforpresident

    • Brian
      Brian says:

      … I am Canadian as well Debbie and I must say that your thoughts are almost identical with the views I hold. I’ve been watching the presidential debate closely and am astounded by the popularity of Trump, (that continues to rise), especially with some of the things he’s said which, no doubt, offended many people and we should have seen a steep decrease in his supporters, but in reality, it’s the exact opposite.

      I think that people should ask themselves why Trump is running for President. All joking aside, we know that people go into politics, not only to make a difference, but they’re also chasing that cushy job with a fat paycheck, where as Trump is a billionaire who doesn’t need or want any money, if he should win the election. Saying this, we ALL must ask ourselves what is the REAL reason why Trump wants to be President and personally, I can’t think of any other reason except for what Trump has been saying all along …. “to make America great again”.
      I think that what happens in America will most definately affect Canadians and vice versa … what happens in Canada will most definately affect the Americans, so, although our “vote” doesn’t count in America, I do think we Canadians should all be concerned with events that occur to/with our friends south of the border, as should Americans be concerned with Canada’s.

      In case there’s any confusion, I too, am a supporter of Trump, although he has said some things I don’t agree with, he does hold the same views I do overall, when it comes to the security of our countries.

  2. rob closs
    rob closs says:

    Im from Canada too and Trump is the man to clean the country.,Islam is going to be a problem around the world

  3. GinnyLee
    GinnyLee says:

    “…top diplomat, Claudia Ruiz Massieu [Mexico], said last week that Trump’s policies and comments were “ignorant and racist” and that his plan to build a border wall to stop illegal immigration was ‘absurd’.”

    Yeah, Buddy… How dare Trump want to keep illegals and all of their drugs and criminal activity OUT of the U.S.A.?


  4. Reynold Waterhouse
    Reynold Waterhouse says:

    I have been waiting for many years for a president like Regan. Mr Trump stands for every thing that made us great .The rest of our government needs to be purged from the flat out thrives and lies. So same old politics won’t work any more and we .we need to tear down all mosques and ban Islam in our country the hell with offending them.just get rid of them.did they come here to be free or just to plant there rederic

    • Linna
      Linna says:

      Great comments here and I agree – thanks for Canadian and Australian comments – if America wins again – it will be a new positive world – trump needs to be careful as evil is at the highest and when politicians meet to try to go against trump – it is very scarey and these are all in the GOP — against Reagans dedication to NOT go against their own party -.yet they all quote Reagan – very phoney!

  5. Natalie Heflin
    Natalie Heflin says:

    The Democrats and the Republicans held a secret meeting this week end on an Island off the coast of Georgia, as reported on CNN and Fox News. This is about more than Donald Trump. America better wake up. It does not matter if Hillary,Cruz Rubio or Kasich is elected each would continue the agenda that was first put in place by Bush Sr. Clinton advanced the agenda a little further with NAFTA and our jobs started leaving America, GW Bush took us to war and bankrupted our country, then Obama came along and now we are $20,000,000,000,000.00 in debt . Each President has done nothing about the illegal immigrants flooding over the border. Are you getting the picture yet!!!!!! in 2004 GW Bush met with Mexico and Canada about the North American Union this is where Mexico, the US and Canada become one country. Very good for the Rich powers that be, Soros, Bush Cartel, Clinton foundation, and all the others but not the American people. Heidi Cruz was a member of the CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force on the Future of North America, which was launched in October 2004. The Task Force advocates a greater economic and social integration between Canada, Mexico, and the United States as a North American region. watch the you tube video of Cruz asking for a 500% increase in H-1B visa’s. Both Heidi and Cruz worked in the Bush administration, Neil Bush just joined the Cruz campaign. Jeb Bush was Rubios mentor, he was against immigration then tried to push it through congress, Hillary is a part of the Clinton foundation with all the overseas donations, Do not believe all the crap they are feeding you, Trump is not a part of the Washington Cartel, He and 85% of America cants to close the border. they have worked 20 years to flood America with immigrants. Do not take my word for it research it! Trump 2016


    ANYONE that want to bring up any part of the crusaders I SUGGEST you get your fact proof & evidence ready cause this video is a CRACKER!

    BRILLIANT! if you cant work it out after watching this well sorry your just too stupid cause this has been put is the most simplest possible HUMAN way possible

    FROM AUSTRALIA GO TRUMP!!! You have a MASSIVE following here as well & when you win COME HERE & sort our DUMB DUMB leftard stupid’s we have in our gov in Australia PLEASE

  7. nick
    nick says:

    Colombia is a free nation? Since when? I grew up in colombia during the 1970s and I can absolutely state that colombia is a prison slave state just like all the others that are part of the CIA drug trafficking empire. You have no shame. This country has been murdering, subverting, plotting coups and invasions of countries like colombia for decades. you have the blood of millions innocents on your hands, you filthy animal. How dare you call for the overthrow of more governments, you filthy war criminal. Go back under your rock DOCTOR lmao. Get a clue from my website: USAdevils dot com

  8. Mario Bailey
    Mario Bailey says:

    I am also A Canadian and I truly pray to God that Trump is for real and not just another “elite plant.” The only disagreement I have with this post is about 9/11, San Bernardino, France and any other major public terrorist attack…they were all inside jobs, set up and agreed to by our very own governments in order to bring total chaos which will eventually
    lead us to the NWO. All this violence caused by muslims is not by accident, it is part of the agenda by the “elite” that want to reduce the population by 95% and those who remain will be enslaved.

    • TERRY
      TERRY says:


  9. William Jakab
    William Jakab says:

    Im agree with every words of this article, we need Mr.Trump, who will sand up for America, and hopefully, gay and muslims who are right now running the USA, get kicked out of the position,what they behold and wickenning our country! To many crying sheep’s – need a rough wolf,who make order,before we loose the country…to everyone! !!!

  10. Rolf Yungclas
    Rolf Yungclas says:

    Stupid comment. Ted Cruz is an American citizen and a natural-born one. He’s only “Csnadisn” because that’s the illogical propaganda lie that people throw out at people they hate. Look at the law (not what you think it should be) to see that according to federal law he is not Canadian. What are the characteristics of a person who happens to be born of a US citizen born outside the country that disqualify them? If it were the law, as you treat it, what is the point of this nonsensical disqualifying factor?

  11. Harry Anderson
    Harry Anderson says:

    Shame Trump hasn’t got the actual people running our country or rather I should say, who’ve ruined our country trembling. Go back to school and put a sock in it you twat.

  12. garry mitchell
    garry mitchell says:

    This is satire right? Please tell me that you aren’t all complete fuckwits and that rich swier is having a laugh

    • Dr. Rich Swier
      Dr. Rich Swier says:

      This column by Geoff Ross is not satire. It is commentary based upon the columnists observations on how the New World Order is reacting to a Trump candidacy and perhaps as president. The Red/Green alliance is in full panic mode.


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