Open Letter to the FBI RE: Making children spy on friends who are ‘anti-government’

Dear Mr. James B. Comey
Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington, D.C.

I understand, according to a declassified document emanating from the FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. that you now want mass surveillance of high school students across the United States, and you want these children to inform so called “authorities” if their friends express “anti government beliefs.”

The Stasi operative who wrote this paper states our kids are ideal targets for recruitment by violent extremists. Mr. Comey please list the names of these so called extremist groups. Perhaps you are referring to the Counsel of American Islamic Relations (CAIR)

Gadsden flag

Gadsden flag.

In my humble opinion, with a pro-Muslim and anti-American administration you are probably under orders from President Obama to spy on families whose parents believe in God, believe in the U.S. Constitution and have a Gadsden flag sown on their jacket sleeves.

You state that in this document that “High schools must remain vigilant in educating their students about catalysts that drive violent extremism and the potential consequences of embracing extremist belief,”

As per your declassified document, released in January by your Office of Partner Engagement, your agency’s primary liaison for the law enforcement community.

What I see by this document is the Communist mindset of East Germany’s “Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter” East German Communist collaborators.

You want high school students to spy on other high school students in an “observing and assessing manner concerning behaviors and communications” to help root out students “embracing extremist ideologies.” We the people hope you are referring to those who follow Marx, Mao and Mohammed?

So basically if a kid carries a U.S. Constitution in his or her back pack, flies a Northern Virginia Battle flag from the back of their pick up trucks or they have a Gadsden flag bumper sticker they can be designated as perhaps belonging to an anti-government group.

The Gadsden flag is named after American general and statesman Christopher Gadsden (1724–1805), who designed it in 1775 during the American Revolution. The Northern Virginia Battle flag was flown by confederate forces defending the southern states from federal aggression.

We flew the Gadsden flag atop of the USS Orion (AS-18) when we took Navy SEAL units to fight Saddam Hussein’s forces in Operation Desert Storm. Hussein is also Obama’s middle name. Just saying. Perhaps you wish to classify US Navy vessels flying this flag as an anti government threat.

So now the FBI and other federal and local law enforcement groups of this republic can now categorize Conservatives, Libertarians and Constitutionalists as “sovereign citizens” and threats? Threats to what, exactly?

According to an FBI counterterrorism analysis, sovereign citizens “may refer to themselves as ‘Constitutionalists’ or ‘freemen,’ which is not necessarily a connection to a specific group, but, rather, an indication that they are free from government control.”

So the FBI now think that when free Americans state that people like George Soros and others who want to form a global government and or a police state, under the United Nations they consider this free thinking as indicators of extremist or sovereign citizen ideology.

Give me a break. Why don’t you turn in your gold FBI badges and carry UN world police badges instead. These would be blue.

The question I have though is why does the Department of Homeland Security list sovereign citizens as the primary domestic terror threat in the United States, followed secondly by Islamic jihadists, “militia/patriot” and “extreme anti-tax” groups.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think you will find 99% of all terror attacks initiated against the United States are by Muslims not by Americans who demand a smaller government and less taxes and constitutional law.

You will find Mr. FBI the other 1% of terror attacks on Americans came from the FBI. Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the execution of the rancher in Oregon Mr. Finicum spring to mind.

Yes, Tim McVeigh was a domestic terrorist and he was punished and rightly so but he responded on April 19th 1995 to the mass execution of women and children initiated by the FBI under orders from Attorney General Janet Reno and perhaps Hillary Clinton on April 19th 1993.

76 people were shot and burned alive in Waco Texas including 21 children and two pregnant women. Hillary Clinton was putting a lot of pressure on Vince Foster and Webb Hubbell the #3 guy in the Justice Dept. to end the Waco stand off.

We see how that turned out. Apparently we really need to be just keeping an eye on the FBI.

So anyway back to your spying program in the High Schools across the United States.

These FBI – Stasi documents are written in such a way as to try and create a false sense of fear and Nazi style propaganda to convince local law enforcement folks that “sovereign citizens” are a direct threat to them.

This is not happening in my town guys. My Sheriff runs a tight ship under the U.S. Constitution not some FBI federal overreach program.

So now the Communists – Muslims operating out of the White House and the New World order Communists like George Soros feel threatened when free Americans choose to live under constitutional law not Sharia and or New World order UN law.

So the Communist in the White House has ordered the FBI to create a high school informers network. Actions like this tell me the government is in fear. When the government is in fear this means we are free.

So Obama is now wanting to turn high school kids into Stasi East German informants with little black books and short nibbed pencils to take names. Good luck with that.

My suggestion to the FBI is go find something else to do that defends this nation like keeping and eye on mosques and Islamic centers. Do not fear the American that chooses to follow the US Constitution. Embrace these people they have got your back.

I have many friends in the CIA and other areas of the U.S. government who tell me that the United States is on the path to becoming a totalitarian high-tech surveillance state that will soon rival the East German and the former Soviet Union.

I will remind you folks that the United States of America is a free Republic that operates under constitutional laws. Mr. Trump the next president of the United States will take issue to all this and shut it down.

Trying to turn the American school system into a Communist enclave of indoctrination and anti constitutional teachings and spying is not going to fly.

It is some of the school teachers and their government agendas that need to be watched and reported on, not the kids.

I will have to say the chances of the high schools in my neck of the woods turning into FBI Stasi Communist spy operatives is ZERO.

My sheriff will not tolerate any federal intrusion into local schools as per the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution.

So my recommendation to all my local high school principles and their kids is this. If you see an FBI agent stalking around the perimeter of the school yard call the Sheriff.

He will then investigate any FBI Obama hand puppets seeking to enforce any nefarious anti American intent against our kids.

Mr. FBI tell the man cub Obama to stay out of our schools. We will not spy on our friends and neighbors and tell Obama to take his Michelle Obama box lunches with them. And don’t wait too long to indict Hillary Clinton.

Cheers, Feel free to add this column to the file you have on me.


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