Donald Trump is a ‘Christian Nationalist’

I have written that Donald Trump went from running a campaign, to heading a movement and is now leading an insurgency. Until today I could not define what was driving this insurgency. I may now have the answer.

Karl Marx wrote: “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people“.

Donald Trump is viewed by his followers as the heart of a heartless world, the soul fighting a soulless government and he understands that it is morals that drives him and the American dream. It is religion that is inextricably linked to politics in America. It is something citizens have not seen since the American Revolution.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion is.”

Gandhi also said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Michael Savage in his column “Here’s how to define Donald Trump” writes:

And I want to define something for you.

Here’s something important. People don’t know how to define Donald Trump.

I’ve defined him as a moderate nationalist. But I’m going to redefine Donald Trump for everyone listening to this show around the world on “The Savage Nation,” because I’m the idea man. I’m known as the idea man.

And here’s your idea. Take it, run with it, drop it, reject it, debate it.

Trump is a Christian nationalist.

No one’s said that.

He’s proud to be a Christian. He is a proud Christian, and he’s a proud American nationalist.

This is anathema. This is anathema to the media. This is anathema to the university America haters. This is anathema to the thuggish left who has taken over everything in this country and threatens everybody by threatening your advertisers if you dare speak out about their communism and their desire to control every aspect of our life from top to bottom, telling us what we’re supposed to think about sexuality.

Everything; they tell us what we’re supposed to think.

Well, finally we have someone who said: “Drop dead. We’re not your slaves. We’re not slaves of the radical left. We’re not gonna eat this garbage anymore, and we’re fighting back.”

And he is the man carrying the banner of this Christian nationalism, and that is why he’s ruffling feathers around the world, because they’re used to stamping on us.

They have disrobed the Statue of Liberty and molested her. The radical left has disrobed her and rolled her in mud, and the Statue of Liberty is crying, and Donald Trump wants to clean her and clothe her again! [Emphasis added]

Read more.

Trump is a church militant. The Church Militant comprises the souls on Earth engaged in battle against the forces evil. The evils that Trump and the insurgency are battling are: political correctness, political power, collectivism, Communism, socialism and radical Islamism. All of which are forces of evil.

I can now define the insurgency as a “Christian insurgency” and Donald Trump embodies the core of it.

This is why Trump is winning.


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  1. jessica diconti
    jessica diconti says:

    I am AGNOSTIC and I am white you are black. I’ve never owned a slave and you’ve never been one which means we CAN get along! DOn’t you think its high time to beat Obama at his own game. He is guilty of treason and he USED OUR BLACK AMERICAN brothers and sisters by making promises he had no intention of keeping. Ted Cruz is a religious zealot and a liar. Don’t you think its time to ban together and OVERTHROW the establishment ELITISTS. Trump spent his own money to help beat them and he is running. Its a phenomenon unlike anything we have ever seen or ever will again at least not in this lifetime. My black American, please join our force and LETS FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!

    • Janet Levy
      Janet Levy says:

      You need to educate yourself about slavery. There were BLACK slaveowners and there were WHITE slaves.

      Large numbers of blacks owned black slaves, some over 100 that they treated quite harshly. One particularly brutal black slave owner, William Ellison of South Carolina, developed a secret slave breeding operation in 1840. (Read “Black Slaveowners: Free Black Slavemasters in South Carolina 1790-1860 and “Black Masters: A Free Family of Color in the Old South.”) Interestingly, black slave owners did not attempt to manumit their slaves to any significant degree.

      On white slaves, read the excellent references “White Cargo” and “White Gold.” In the 17th and 18th centuries, thousands of white Europeans were captured by marauding Muslims off the coasts of Spain, England, Ireland, Italy, Scandinavia and even the fledging American colonies and shipped to Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli to serve Muslim sultans. During colonial times, thousands of white Britons were enslaved for life in the British American colonies.

  2. Mike Nelis
    Mike Nelis says:

    Mr. Trump is a “Big Media Nationalist” and with that strategy he has swept up plenty of christians (lower case intentional) and some Christians, too. That would be plenty of Christians who are committed – Christ followers – and on through to those who would simply say, “of course I am christian (lower case intentional), I was born in America.” Unfortunately, the latter seems to be the depth of Mr. Trumps claim to the Christian faith. A person simply cannot be a follower of Christ (a Christian), if they have never needed forgiveness, accepted Christs sacrifice on behalf of their sins and sought earnestly to be born-again, in Christ. This is not an indictment of Mr. Trump because maybe he did ask the living Lord into his heart and prefers to keep it a big secret, for some reason, which keeps any mere human from really knowing for sure.

    As much as I respect, value and appreciate the author/editor/publisher Dr. Rich Swier, we cannot quickly accept the “Christian Nationalist” label for Trump based on the opinion of Dr. Michael Savage a self-professed, God-fearing, Jewish conservative who could not understand the “Christian” label, when he has chosen not to accept it himself. This comes from someone who enjoys most of the perspectives and powerful opinions of Michael Savage, very, very, very much!

    Donald Trump has fashioned a popular “Nationalist” message, no different than any other Nationalist that has paraded through history. A message that makes it easy for me to jump up a cheer just like everyone else. Then I ask, “where is the meat?” Unfortunately, there is very little substance or solutions to all of his nationalist rhetoric. Also, from a Biblical perspective I ask, “where is the fruit (in the life of Donald Trump)?” Unfortunately, the answer here is mostly self-centered, attention-getting, power-hungry, callous greed with a hint of intimidation. Absolutely not Christian traits, but certainly a crony capitalist “Nationalist” lifestyle.

    “Big Media” describes his Nationalist label because without the media, both news and entertainment media, he would be as ordinary as any other real estate mogul. Big Media made Donald Trump and his skill at managing that media carries him forward and gives him – hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars- of FREE media exposure. He can effectively bash Big Media, just like the Democratic/Socialists bash Wall Street and still enjoy the benefits of FREE support and promotion. That is until, the day comes that Big Media decides to turn on him and take him down because they wanted to create the Republican nominee, yet do not want that nominee to be victorious over their chosen Democratic/Socialist candidate in the General Election, be it Clinton or Sanders.

    It is just that the label of “Big Media Nationalist” is not a very flattering term. So regardless of the truth behind this label, it will not be used widely by Big Media or any Trump supporter. It is because the truth hurts and the “Nationalist preferred by SOME christians and Christians, alike” is not snappy enough to catch on.

    • Lisa Carter
      Lisa Carter says:

      Very well said, I like the use of where is the meat and fruit!??! It really puzzles me that so many individuals are actually falling for his word’s and has been supporting for 40 year’s exactly what we’re fighting! He act’s like an immature child and bully if it doesn’t favor him! Violence begets violence and it is a choice to act or not act on a person’s word’s! Someone has to be the adult and guide with some moral values and principles not be the instigator as Mr. Trump loves to do!!!
      2 Chronicles 7:14 is critical to our Liberty and Freedom to remain strong in America and for that Constitutional greatness that In GOD We Trust was founded we must elect Ted Cruz President!!!

  3. Ola
    Ola says:

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