Welcome to the World of the Bernie Sanders Liberal

A Bernie Sanders Liberal is anti-God, intellectually dishonest, unprincipled, mentally immature, and in search of a world without moral consequence all for about $15 an hour plus tax.

There is no God in their mind and the Bernie Sanders Liberal worships THE STATE and demands that Christians do too.

The Bernie Sanders Liberal attempts to use the statist government to eliminate all moral consequences for their immoral behavior.

In the name of “Social Justice,” the Bernie Sanders Liberal attempts to make individuals a collective of the State.

The Bernie Sanders Liberal imagines that all freedoms are gained with no moral consequences for their actions all secured by a collectivist, totalitarian state.

The single moral principle that Bernie Sanders Liberals adhere to is the continual accumulation and centralization of all power as was the case in the former Soviet Union.

The enemy of the Bernie Sanders Liberal is the U.S. Constitution and specifically the support for rugged individualism which is evident in the Bill of Rights.

The Bernie Sanders Liberal believes that abortion is necessary to guarantee sexual freedom and eliminate moral consequence and we the tax payer must fund this slaughter of unborn Americans.

The Bernie Sanders Liberal creates an atmosphere of crisis and fear that is used to justify their collectivist oppression. For example: Moveon.org, Black Lives Matter. The Black Panther Party.

The Liberals in our past history took pleasure in going to war against other nations for it is during this time they are most successful in getting tyrannical legislation passed in Congress.

In 1990 we invaded Iraq without any constitutional reason. We put US ground troops into a Suni – Shia Civil war. Result. War on Terror, loss of World Trade Center, Patriot Act, Biometric ID’s. etc. etc. etc. Trillions of dollars wasted.

Bernie Sanders Liberals want to completely control and dominate public schools, child abuse agencies, pediatric associations, welfare departments, social service agencies and all NGO’s that feign concern for the welfare of children.

This allows Liberals to impose socialism upon a people, they must undermine the ability of the people to govern themselves according to God’s moral law.

The Bernie Sanders Liberal mission is to weaken the main support of morality. Strong families are one of the greatest threats to the final goals of Liberalism. and ultimately Communism.

The Bernie Sanders Liberal applauds the imprisoning of home-schooling parents who dare to raise their children outside the control of collectivist public schools.

Bernie Sanders Liberals despise the private ownership of guns and the 2nd Amendment is the single greatest symbol of individual power against them, and therefore is despised by them. The 2nd Amendment is the only thing keeping us free at this time in our history.

The Bernie Sanders Liberal despises national sovereignty because the best protection of individual freedoms is found in small decentralized governments.

The Bernie Sanders Liberal promotes the growth of multi-national and international governments such as the European Union and the United Nations.

These organizations advance the cause of socialism. These tax payer funded Communist – Muslim organizations seek to destroy the very individualism that is best protected by sovereign states.

The Bernie Sanders Liberal seeks total control over all forms of media such as newspapers, print media and the satellite and cable networks.

Did you know that the George Soros stock holdings company in New York manages Direct TV stock. ? Arabs control a large portion of Fox News stock…………

Bernie Sanders Liberals want to get control of the Internet because they fear that more people will start thinking for themselves and demand limited decentralized governments in nations around the world.

Obama has tried for 7 years to censure the Drudge Report and other Internet news outlets free of New World Order censorship using the FCC as his weapon of choice.

The Eighth Commandment, states “Thou Shalt Not Steal,” which presupposes the right of individuals to own private property. The Eighth Commandment is therefore the foundation of Western Capitalism and the engine of our prosperity. Agreed? Think about it.

For this reason Bernie Sanders Liberals hate the Bible.

If Liberals are successful at transforming America into a totally multi-cultural, i.e., multi-religious, non-Christian society, we will lose our freedom. Donald Trump will put in place a team that will stop them.

The New World Order supporters in the GOPe should spend more time trying to stop Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton not Mr. Trump. What does that tell you about the GOPe?

The Bernie Sanders Liberal seeks to criminalize any speech that promotes morality or individualism as “hate speech.”

Thus we see Liberal Judges and Liberal Courts outlawing the Bible and gutting the free speech provisions of the first amendment of the constitution. We see the Ten Commandments being removed from court houses.

Liberal Judges are now declaring that the Bible’s proscriptions against homosexuality are illegal “hate speech” and scripture is now in the process of being outlawed from any appearance in public discourse or the public square.

You may recall a police officer arresting a man for reading from the Bible on a public sidewalk in California.

The Bernie Sanders Liberals team up with the Environmentalists and lie as a matter of course.

They create a false god too of the state where the environmental extremist worships “the creation,” rather than the Creator.

The Bible teaches that “Man was created in the image of God.” Thus human life is profoundly sacred and highly valued far above that of any animal or wilderness or wetland.

I see these Bernie Sanders tree huggers as “Watermelon” Environmental Extremists that have no right to tell a man how to use his own private property unless it can be proven that the owner is doing damage to his neighbors property.

A “Watermelon Environmentalist” is a person who is GREEN on the outside and claim to care about the environment, but they are COMMUNIST RED on the inside and do not really care about the environment. at all.

The Al Gore’s and the George Soros Communists are just using the moral cause of preserving the environment as a means of consolidating their power and advancing the cause of Socialism and One World Government.

The Bernie Sanders Liberal wants to replace a Godly world-view with an emotional statist world-view.

A Bernie Sanders Liberal will protest that it is perfectly ok for them to steal your money via confiscatory taxes, forcibly collected to support they unconstitutional welfare programs against your will and give it to persons that may not deserve it.

A Bernie Sanders Liberal typically chooses a career in a field that produces nothing of value. A Liberal will look for employment in field such an “activist,” lawyer, or a bureaucrat in a tax free foundation or an NGO devoted to advancing Liberal goals or a Community Advisor.

Then the Bernie Sanders Liberal will use government to extract wealth from others by force via the power to tax.

The Bernie Sanders Liberal do-gooder programs enrich Liberals and do little to actually help the poor.

Bernie Sanders Liberals are perfectly willing to destroy you financially, remove your children, and imprison you for what you believe.

Bernie Sanders Liberals are not open-minded and tolerant. They are viciously intolerant of any divergence from the left-wing ideology determine good and evil for all mankind, apart from and without respect to Almighty God.

Bernie Sanders Liberals fear technology and change – because neither can be centrally controlled. Thus we get people like Ted Kasinsky the Una Bomber.

Bernie Sanders Liberals know that a man of sterling character and discipline who is a moral, God fearing family man has no need of state support in the form of welfare programs.

Bernie Sanders Liberals know that such a man is a dedicated and formidable enemy of those who are determined to foist socialism upon the nations of the world.

Bernie Sanders Liberals despise marriage and family because they say they are “patriarchal institutions” that oppress. women and children.

The real reason they despise marriage and family values is because these institutions oppose, disapprove and limit promiscuity thus undermining one of the principal supports for Liberalism.

Bernie Sanders Liberals are never satisfied with the power they have gained over the lives of individuals.

They are compelled and internally driven to control every thought and detail of human activity until they create a slave camp, under the heel of a socialist bureaucratic boot otherwise known as One World Government.

Bernie Sanders Liberals want to control public schools and force all children into them, in order to foster promiscuity and instill collectivist ideology into their minds.

When a Bernie Sanders Liberal expresses concern “for our children,” they are using and targeting children to expand their own power, promote promiscuity, advance collectivism and enlarge their personal income at the expense of the taxpayer.

ALL Liberals in our government are elitists who have exempt themselves from the oppressive rules they impose on the general population. For example Obama-Romney Care. Social Security Taxes etc.

Bernie Sanders Liberals embrace Agenda 21 and they are actively working towards a return to a centralized, 1940’s urban environment.

They would have us all ride a bus from a small, dirty, big city apartment to an 8-5 union job as it was in the old USSR or a bullet train that costs billions of dollars to ride us 200 miles and never gets up to full speed.

Perhaps now you will understand why Liberals support every form of “public transportation” whether buses or subways.

Its time to remove these people from local, state and federal govt. starting with the Santa Rosa County Commissioners in the panhandle of Florida. YOUR FIRED !

Bernie Sanders Liberals believe that anyone who makes money must be stealing it from someone else.

Bernie Sanders Liberals do not understand that in a free market, wealth is created and is constantly expanding.

Bernie Sanders Liberals do not understand the simple dictum that “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Bernie Sanders Liberals do not understand that the free market lifts the economic conditions of all Americans.

Bernie Sanders Liberals do not understand that it is the creativity, ingenuity and hard work of the self-made millionaire’s who created better products or a better service and thus a better life for all mankind. Millionaires love the Senior Chief because I ask nothing from them only knowledge.

Bernie Sanders Liberals claim to be against violence, but make excuses for Liberals like Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Castro who murdered and tortured political dissidents. Now we add the government of Venezuela to that list.

Bernie Sanders Liberals claim to be against violence, but they try daily through legislation to disarm individuals and render them powerless against the Muslim vermin terrorists, thugs, thieves and murderer’s who rule the inner cities.

Just as the Mayor of Los Angeles did a few weeks before the Muslim vermin attacked San Bernardino.

Liberals only oppose violence when it fits their agenda, but they are perfectly willing to use violence to advance theirs.

For example the arming of the IRS and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to allow the federal forces to control state lands and oppress the free market use of said land.

The execution of Mr. Finicum the rancher was an act of murder by federal forces shutting down a threat to their unconstutional control of state land. Obama was embarrassed. I believe he ordered the HIT. Just my opinion.

Bernie Sanders Liberals have enormous compassion for criminal predators and child molesters and murders and rapists, but none for the victims.

In the Bernie Sanders Liberal world, all problems stem from individualism, and all solutions are collective and believe that passing religious values to children is a form of child abuse.

Ladies and gentleman we have a choice to make in November 2016.

Do want to be free under a capitalist system adhering to the U.S. Constitution? Or do we want to be Bernie Sanders Communist slaves with a boot on our neck?

Hillary can vote absentee from jail…..if not in 2016 in 2017 when Mr. Donald Trump is elected president of the United States and will make this nation great again.

Good night America I’ve got your back.

Not much longer folks and some Communist behind is about to be kicked.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. REUTERS

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