Map of 1,282 predominately Syrian Muslim migrants admitted to U.S. since October 2015

And, the numbers reveal that Obama is not saving Christians or other religious minorities!

Obama gave his U.S. State Department a year to get 10,000 Syrian refugees seeded into towns and cities across America.

We are now at the halfway point in Fiscal Year 2016 (it began on October 1, 2015) and they have resettled 1,282 (99% Muslim Syrians).

They have 8,718 to go in the next few months to reach Obama’s goal.  Could security screening be slowing the flow? (BTW, suicidal Canada does not appear to be worried about security).

And, remember readers, the resettlement contractors first demanded 65,000 Syrians this year and then upped the number to 100,000 by this fall.

Where are those Syrians now?

Here is a map of where they’ve been placed so far (source: Refugee Processing Center):

Map Syrians March 31 2016

If you can’t read the numbers here is a list of the top ten ‘welcoming’ Syrian resettlement states:

  • Michigan (166)
  • California (127)
  • Pennsylvania (114)
  • Illinois (87)
  • Texas (82)
  • Florida (76)
  • Ohio (61)
  • North Carolina (59)
  • Kentucky (57)
  • Connecticut (50)
  • Arizona and New York are next with 48 each.

There is no effort by the UNHCR and our State Department to save the persecuted Christians.  
99% of the 1,282 are Muslims (see breakdown below):

  • Catholic (3)
  • Christian (3)
  • Greek Orthodox (1)
  • Moslem (their spelling) (18)
  • Moslem Shiite (8)
  • Moslem Suni (1,246)
  • Other Religion (1)

Photo:  We wrote about British Foreign Secretary David Miliband here yesterday.  It is galling to think that a Brit is calling the shots on the demographic make-up of American towns and cities.  WTH! He already played a huge role in wrecking the UK!  For our complete dossier on Miliband, click here.


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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Resettlement contractor David Miliband of the IRC (right) with President Obama. Miliband was the first to call for admitting 65,000 Syrians to the U.S. this year, he later increased his demand to 100,000.

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