Reflecting on Pope Francis’ Remarks at the UN: Three Timelines with Good News and Bad

Pope Francis’ UN visit last fall intersected three biblical timelines with end-time significance. They include the jubilee cycles (good news) and Peter’s comment that 1000 years are as a day with an impending time of judgment.

tribulationjudgmentsPope Francis’ timing for his address had awesome significance; the papal United Nations visit marks the jubilee of jubilees and signals a time of judgment which some Christians call the “Great Tribulation“:

#1. The 4th Commandment (eliminated from schools–the average person has little understanding of this all-time best-seller) says that God gives man six days to do his work, with the 7th day as a Sabbath, a memorial to God’s Creation of the world in six days. A system of sevens re-enforced this for Israel in Leviticus 25 where they worked the land for six years and rested it during a sabbatical year.

After seven sabbatical years, on the Day of Atonement, jubilee was proclaimed as slaves were released and debts were cancelled in the 50th year. We might wonder if debts will be cancelled in an impending collapse.

The jubilee year was also the first year of the next sequence so that jubilees came every 49 years. The 70-week prophecy (70 x 7) of Daniel 9 (490 years) spanned 10 jubilees (70 x 7 = 49 x 10) and pointed also to the Messiah.

That prophecy began with a jubilee event in 457 BC when Artaxerxes gave Israelites freedom to leave Persia and to rebuild Jerusalem. The 490 years ended in 34 AD (no year “0”).

Forty more jubilees of 49 years bring us to 1994-95—the jubilee (50th) of jubilees from 457 BC, and in 1995, Pope John Paul II spoke to the UN General Assembly, and it was on the Day of Atonement.

Most Jews would not recognize that fact because they use astronomy to mark the new month when the moon is in conjunction with the sun and it cannot be seen. In Bible times, the thin crescent in the western sky after sunset was counted as the new moon and beginning of the new month.

#2. Using the visible crescent, the papal visits to the UN were on the Day of Atonement, both in 1995 and 2015 and it introduces a 2nd timeline because 20 jubilees (20 x 49) = 980 years with 20 extra years in a 1000 years. With 20 years between papal visits on the Day of Atonement, 2015 marked the end of 6,000 years from Creation and bring us to what St. Peter said not to ignore– “1000 years are as a day…God is not slack [the Greek word, braduno, means no tarrying or delay] the day of the Lord will come.” (3rd chapter of Peter’s 2nd letter) If there is no tarrying or delay, we should expect a time of judgment to begin this spring.

#3. A 3rd timeline occurred when 50 thousand Christians accepted Baptist Wm Miller’s message of impending judgment, based on a misunderstanding of Daniel and ‘the Bridegroom comes,’ (they thought it was a rapture), they suffered a Great Disappointment in 1844.
This was typified by John’s ‘bitter belly’ when he ate the little book of Daniel in the 10th of Revelation, but John was told to ‘prophesy again,’ which means those same messages will fit later, but when?

The context of the judgment in Daniel 7 is the key. The context before and after the judgment is the ‘great words’ of the little horn which Protestant reformers said was the papacy. In 1844 the pope had no great words. Napoleon took the pope prisoner and he died in exile.

But in 2015, the pope had ‘great words’ for the UN General Assembly on the Day of Atonement. With this missing ingredient from 1844 now satisfied, the Angel’s words to John, ‘Prophesy again’ fit. A time of judgment is impending and it is also good news for Christians who believe ‘the Bridegroom comes.’

Christ’s wedding parables offer high destiny for readiness and understanding but serious loss for failure. This begs a better understanding but it’s beyond the scope of this column.


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EDITORS NOTE: Readers may get more information at this website. For those who have difficulty with math, God gave some ‘when-then’ signs that also point to this spring for huge events. They may be considered by going here.

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