The Trumpian Motto: ‘Never Give Up, Never Surrender!’

The “Trump insurgency” has breathed new life into the Republican Party. It has created Trumpians, Trumpites, and Trump4 Facebook pages for every state in the union.

Because of Donald Trump, Republicans are turning out in record numbers in the presidential primaries. Many see a new Republican Party emerging like a phoenix from the ashes of the heated primary season. It is now down to two candidates in both parties. Bernie versus Hillary. Donald versus Ted.

There’s no separation between the Democratic presidential candidates. In contrast, there is a world of difference between the last men standing for the GOP nomination. If you don’t think so just read Twitter and Facebook posts by Cruzers and Trumpians.

The  GOP primary reminds me of a phrase used in the 1999 film Galaxy Quest, a parody of Star Trek, which has a cult like following and has spawned numerous conventions. In the film Tim Allen, who plays Jason Nesmith/Commander Peter Quincy Taggart, states “Never give up, never surrender” (in the below video clip). Nesmith/Taggart faces a deadly alien enemy, insurmountable odds of survival and impending doom if he is not successful.

This feeling of impending doom is what is driving the 2016 presidential primary. While there is some fear, even anger, in the electorate, there is a growing realization that over the past eight years America has been fundamentally changed. Changed in a way that ordinary Americans cannot relate to. An America that is far too politically correct, a U.S. Congress that has lost the trust of its citizens and a president who ignores the founding documents of the nation for political gain.

This has created what some may call a “cult.” But its not Donald Trump who created this cult. Rather it is Donald Trump who speaks truth to power and the people love him for it.

Senator Ted Cruz began as the anti-establishment candidate. That was the motto of “Cruzers.” As the race for the GOP nomination advanced the rhetoric became more divisive and vitriolic. The Trumpians began to do battle with the Cruzers. Perhaps words were used that should not have been used by both sides. But that is the nature of politics.

As Steve Chabot noted, “Politics is a contact sport.”

After the New York and California primaries we will know who will be the major combatants D versus R for the presidency. It is important for Republicans to understand that no matter who wins the GOP primary, they must support the nominee. If they do not then they will face a deadly enemy, insurmountable odds of survival and impending doom for another four years.

On November 8th Republicans must activate the Omega 13, a weapon that takes America back to its future, making it great again. Never give up, never surrender!

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