Colorado: Douglas County GOP Removes Delegate who Voted for Donald Trump

It has come to my attention that the Douglas County GOP removed Mr. Larry Wayne Lindsey as a delegate from the Colorado GOP delegate list because he voted for Mr. Trump.

Mr. Lindsey has been a GOP delegate in Douglas County for 15 years and a life long member of the Republican Party and now you allegedly censor and denied him access to the delegate vote and also replaced him because of his vote for Trump.

Remarks of Colorado Trump delegate Lindsey who was removed and replaced:

Now I am not sure what kind of Soviet style Marxist agenda you are running in Douglas County Colorado but I would say by the time my column is posted I will send a link to it to the in box of tens of thousands people across America.

You also posted the below tweet on Twitter after the final vote:

cogopnevertrumpI used to work for FOX News Radio as a political commentator and I am going to give you the opportunity to tell us why a 15-year GOP delegate was removed from his position, in effect nullifying his vote for Mr. Trump because of his political beliefs.

He tells us that he was replaced by someone that will vote YOUR way.

Geoff Ross with Sean Hannity

The author with Sean Hannity.

Now Colorado is divided into 64 counties. It appears Mr. Trump won 37 of these counties (57.8%) and Mr. Cruz won 24 counties (42.2%) . Yet Trump only got 6 delegate votes and Cruz 33.

I excluded Kasich as his support was negligible. Very interesting.

Do you have a problem with math in the Colorado GOP or are you guys running a Ponzi scheme like Hillary Clinton? Just asking not accusing.

Perhaps you are using Jeb Bush Common Core math to add up the delegates. Maybe its called voter fraud? Who knows?

But now I will send a link to this article to Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and a few other folks and perhaps you would like to discuss it with me.

I am now headed out to eat breakfast with Mr. Gary O’Neil a world famous veteran and retired Army Ranger and Mr. Ricki DiSantis a former CEO on Wall Street and a World Trade Center Survivor from 9/11. I will bring this up with them.

Perhaps the Sheriff in Douglas County should take a look into this so I am copying him plus the three Republican members of the FEC in Washington, D.C.

I am copying this to:

Wendy Mannita Holmes , Director of Pubic Affairs Douglas County Colorado
Douglas County Sheriff
Douglas County County Commissioners
Chief Political Advisor to Donald Trump
Bill O’Reilly
Sean Hannity
Brigitte Gabrielle
Governor Rick Scott
Federal Elections Committee Washington, D.C.


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  1. Ernesto
    Ernesto says:

    The Establishment Politicians are corrupt; Co GOP eliminates the will of the voter by giving delegates to Cruz after Trump won a majority of counties. Low down fraud and corrupt people running Co GOP!

  2. Barbara Gregory
    Barbara Gregory says:

    Thank you for standing up the this evil..Larry Lindsey has been there for 15 years…this is evil…Please what you can, we are behind you 100% THE AMERICIAN PEOPLE for TRUMP

  3. Michelle B
    Michelle B says:

    Colorado should be investigated — They are a bunch of criminals it is a Federal Crime to rig elections!!!! And this is the worse kind without a single vote the crooked Delegates gave Cruz all of them!!!! We the people must fight back and not allow these criminals to take away our freedoms and rights as American! Share this with everyone you know so hopefully it gets to the right people!!!! This must stop or we are all doomed! I am also sharing this on all my Groups I belong to on Facebook and Twitter!

  4. Gwen Petzack
    Gwen Petzack says:

    Are you kidding me???? Who’s getting paid off? This makes me mistrust our government even more. Who makes up these rules anyway? Is it just convenient for this to happen, or was it all planned in advance!!!?? SOMEONE HAS TO STOP THIS, HOW CAN THIS BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE? This is more of a reason why we need “fresh blood” in the White House!
    SOMETHING SIMILAR happened here with our town. They decided if you live here and live in Florida too, even though you spend over 6 months her in New Hampshire, YOU WERENT ALLOWED TO VOTE! This is happening all over……………………Dear God help our NATION.
    Gwen Petzack

  5. Jerry Todd
    Jerry Todd says:

    The Grave Error Of #NeverTrump…George Soros Approves Of It…

    Posted by mah29001 on March 13, 2016

    …yes that’s right, George Soros does approve the hashtag #NeverTrump. I understand how the Donald’s past is an issue, that’s true and valid in vetting a candidate. However, I wonder if Conservatives are being misled on both ends or at least on one end but not might be the end you think. uses the hashtag #NeverTrump in the recent riot that happened in Chicago. Along with a number of other Leftist groups, there was an ISIS/Leftist supporter who tried to possibly stab the Donald at a speech in Ohio just yesterday and was let go by authorities! #NeverTrump could mean the end of the Conservative movement, it will mean the end of the grassroots cause that propped people up like the Donald.

    #NeverTrump indeed is being used by the Left to divide the Right. How can you be a Conservative and #NeverTrump, if you help the Left one way or another? I am still skeptical of the Donald, but I cannot join #NeverTrump which could help bring Hillary Clinton the general election.

    That is my main concern for #NeverTrump. #NeverTrump is a trap for Conservatives, I hate to say it, but it is. So don’t #NeverTrump, think rationally on what to do with a situation like this.

    • Joellen Wortham
      Joellen Wortham says:

      A lot of us aren’t positive of Trump he isn’t a politician but he is honest he does tell it like it is he has brought out all the corruption to try and stop what is happening to America.He can make jobs and he can get us out of debt.He can build up our military and put America back on track.I just know he is a good man that cares for American and family that wants America great again so I pray to God and vote Trump and so far he has showed me the right way so Go Trump We Need You To Make America Honest And Great Thank You

  6. Nick Rieser
    Nick Rieser says:

    I put 4 yrs of my life fighting for the country and can’t believe what I’m seeing and hearing. I’m just about ready to go back to war! I think I’ll start with the Gop RVC AND THE REST OF YOU. FRAUDS. YOU GUYS NEED TO BE REMOVED ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. THIS COUNTRY IS NO LONGER BY THE PEOPLE OF FOR THE PEOPLE. THEY STORED IT

  7. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a senior in South Carolina. I am so disturbed by this news as its all over….everywhere. Maybe you can stop it..PLEASE HELP US. All we want is a fair race…Kathy

  8. Ann Lawler
    Ann Lawler says:

    Disheartening situation where in the Colorado GOP Marxist regime has decided to go against the will of the people. Mr. Lindsey after sixteen years as a delegate has been removed because he refuses to be bought and bribed. So now the Colorado GOP is punishing Mr. Lindsey as he continues to support Mr. Trump. Here lies the problem “we the people” are having with our top heavy politicians stealing the people’s rights away. This is the reason for Donald Trump. Colorado has helped to wake the sleeping giant up even more. People across this nation are discussing Colorado politician’s corruption and voter oppression of their people.

  9. LM
    LM says:

    Thank you! This wasn’t even on the news this morning – just that Cruz swept Colorado. I hope you can get this nullified and rectified now that a big bright light is being shown on this election sham.

  10. Cate
    Cate says:

    I had to read this twice … thinking it was an April Fool’s joke?! This is unconscionable and unacceptable corrupt politics. We do not exclude citizens in th process of choosing a president of the United States.

  11. bete wright
    bete wright says:

    The GOP & Establishment keep coming out of left field with their lies/cheats & lawlessness—We are so grateful for the one’s that have the clout & know how to do the jobs they are doing–My Thanks to you–My prayers for you & May God Bless–

  12. Kitty
    Kitty says:

    I haven’t listened to Rush Limbaugh in quite a while because I no longer trust him. But I decided to tune in today to see if he would talk about the theft of delegates. And he talked about it. In fact, Rush Limbaugh sounded absolutely gleeful when he told how Cruz has been “skunking” Trump by grabbing all the delegates and insinuated that this is savvy on Cruz’s part.

  13. Melinda Meikle
    Melinda Meikle says:

    The Republican party had a noble beginning and many of us believe it stands for truth & freedom — removing shackles of high taxes & regulations while citizens experience the American Dream. All of this is being stolen from us … why? The effort to divide and conquer the GOP is sinister and the effort is to create a one-party system, which is called communism. Dictators tell us what to do, where we live, what we think — it is all so obvious now! My suggestion is to NOT abandon the Republican Party, which has been invaded. Let’s call ourselves the NEW Republican Freedom Party … and those of like-mind will call themselves New Republicans — very soon, our party will be HUGE!



    If you’d like to contact the RNC please email:
    320 First Street SE
    Washington, DC 20003
    REACH US AT: 202-479-7000

  15. Geoff
    Geoff says:

    He was removed because he is unstable. There. Now you know.
    The Douglass County Officials didn’t want to further embarrass him.
    Now that he is pressing the issue in social media we sadly must state the facts.
    The guy is a crackpot.

    • Daniel
      Daniel says:

      Do you have any sources you can provide for this information? I’m not a Trump supporter but I’m nonetheless concerned if there is actual disenfranchisement going on against anybody.

  16. Ian
    Ian says:

    Where are you getting your county voting results? I can only find a couple of counties that actually posted results online.

    Also, your math is off. You say CO has 64 counties but your counts for Trump and Cruz add up to 63.

    You also claim that Cruz got 33 delegates and Trump got 6. In reality, Cruz got 34 and 3 are unpledged.

    MICHAEL says:

    Can it be that you, me,and other can stand with out falling on are face? as we stand to take back the laws that are government refuses to enforce against the true criminals of this the land that GOD has given us?? The promise land ! My people will once again go back into slavery, but the time is not yet for my coming! for all nations will cry out, save us oh lord,from the shake that is among us . but the pain that grows in are hart’s of man gets even grater,as mankind slips further into darkness,it’s sad to see that the evil grows and darkens fills are land, but I say to you be steadfast my brothers and sisters for the god for peace is coming,but u don’t be fooled by the one who claims to be me,but he is not,for I am the light that shines through the years,I am the hope,I am the way. Trust !!! a 290 million year old foot print was found in New Mexico USA can it be the foot print of the one that was cast out of heaven? have Fath,stand strong together as one for Angeles do not know my coming! be wise in your fight!! for the sake knows you well


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