Peak Global Warming: Two Predictions

Many of my generation remember where they were when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, or when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Most Americans remember where they were September 11, 2001 when Islamic terrorists killed more than 3,000 Americans.

Another memorable event is now occurring right before our eyes. Though it won’t garner the immediate headlines that the aforementioned historical events did, it will potentially be far more significant in its impact on the course of human history. This momentous new event is nothing less than our passage through the final phase of the peak of global warming. It includes two new predictions from me based on the highly reliable RC Theory.

Prediction 1.

We can now add this new event and date to our memories – February 2016. This is the month when global temperatures began a final long term decline into a deep and potentially dangerous abyss of record cold that will last for thirty years.

Mathematically, the smoothed peak of global warming measured over the current 206 year cycle of Sun that has brought us the recent twenty or so years of global warming has already passed. It likely did so exactly when I predicted such nine years ago – occurring sometime between 2007 and 2010. Unfortunately, this fifth order polynomial calculation escapes our country’s leaders, NOAA, NASA, and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN-IPCC) scientists who have their own politically correct version of calculating global temperature trends.

The eighteen years before January 2015, of essentially little to no growth in global temperatures, have also created a plateau of global temperatures which the global warming community has been unable to explain. This plateau has been punctuated by a dramatic though short spike in global temperatures from late 2015 to present. I explained in press releases and on a TV documentary about my climate book, “Dark Winter,” that the reason for this brief increased temperature marker was the result of a rare but critical step in the progress of the 206 year cycle. Instead of giving the global warming crowd a reason to celebrate, it was in fact the death knell of their manmade global warming theory based on greenhouse gas emissions.

My research has shown that in essence, just prior to descending into a multi-decade cold epoch, solar activity spikes at the top of the normal 11-year solar cycle. This special ‘trigger’ of solar-climate theory which happened right when it was supposed to during the top of our current solar cycle #24, should have made national headlines. It would have if science had its proper place in national discourse and if the mainstream media and our government had been preaching the truth – that the Sun controls our climate changes instead of mankind’s industrial CO2 emissions.

This assessment of the reason for this temperature spike has important ramifications for climate change theory and the future course of global temperatures for the next thirty years. This peak represents not only a possible short term record in global temperature between late 2015 and early 2016 at the end of this plateau but more importantly, it is a sign of things to come.

What we should now expect are rapidly declining global temperatures after February 2016, the apex of the 11-year cycle #24 solar heating. Steep drops in monthly global temperatures for the next year especially, are highly probable with longer term declines to follow.

According to my Relational Cycle Theory (RC Theory) of climate change, the next fifteen years will see a historic decline in global temperatures until we reach the bottom of the next cold epoch brought on by a ‘solar hibernation,’ a long term reduction in the Sun’s energy. This bottom, which I calculated for the year 2031, will be preceded by record cold and global crop damage for years on either side of that low point. The planet will not start to warm up again until the 2040’s and then, only moderately so.

Prediction 2.

Like the past 200 years of relatively continuous growth in global temperatures, the 2015-2016 warm temperatures were caused by the Sun. Unfortunately, the last two decades of solar heating, which have simultaneously permitted bumper crops for the world’s hungry masses, is in my opinion, the last of its kind for at least the next 400 years. The warmth we have enjoyed and that of generations to come is over.

Of course science should never be settled. We should always strive for better theories and more accurate analytical tools in all fields of science. That applies also to the RC Theory. However, if the predictions in this commentary go wildly astray, it would be the first instance in almost ten years when a major prediction based on the RC Theory has done so.

This achievement of climate science prediction, though, is about the power of the Sun and the reliability of its repeating cycles that determine climate change, rather than one man, one theory, or one climate research company. Though I was alone in 2007 with my controversial predictions, now, there are many other scientists around the globe who are telling their science communities and their governments that we need to prepare for an enduring cold climate of historic proportions.

This record of success in solar-driven climate science compares with the predictions of the so-called ‘leading scientists’ at the UN-IPCC and the US government using the greenhouse gas theory, who have been routinely wrong for over twenty years in their global temperature forecasts along with their other extreme forecasts like the Arctic sea ice completely disappearing by 2008 (later revised to 2013, then to 2030) or that there would be no more snow after 2003!

In the meantime, and quite irrespective of human politics, natural forces have been conspiring to bring the curtain down on mankind’s past scientific and political misconduct and are doing so with a last tease of warming. My Russian colleagues have already said a new “Little Ice Age” has begun. My own forecast is for a thirty year cold epoch similar to the Dalton Minimum of 1793 to 1830. The latter will be bad enough as bitter cold will bring global crop devastation. As if the new cold era isn’t challenging enough, we also know that concurrently, the world’s worst earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur during these same cold epochs or ‘solar hibernations.’

It is this collateral geophysical ill-effect that resulted in a notification sent by me in mid-2015 to FEMA to prepare for major quakes in South Carolina, the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) as well along major faults of the US West Coast. The President, FEMA, USGS, and all other US government agencies have ignored these earthquake warnings as they have before with my climate warnings and those of other cold-epoch-predicting scientists around the world.

Even if historians someday hold our President and the leaders of our government responsible for not preparing the country the coming cold climate and its catastrophic earthquakes, it will be no solace to those who are about to endure one of the most traumatic climate epochs in human history. Once again, the American people will pay the price during this ongoing passage of the peak of global warming into a new cold future.

This year 2016, and its implications for the human race will truly be, something to remember.


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