Florida: Broward and Palm Beach GOP hand pick delegates who are Cruz supporters

TO: Michael Barnett, Chairman of the Palm Beach County, Republican Party
Robert Sutton, Chairman of the Broward County, Republican Party

I got an email from a Trump supporter in District 21 who was at the Boca Marriott Hotel for the Florida delegate selection and she tells me the Palm Beach and Broward County GOP leadership only picked Ted Cruz supporters as delegates.

When Mr. Trump won Florida he also won all 99 delegates as a winner takes all state. This includes Congressional District 21. Your district.

May I humble remind you that the Republican Party of Florida rules state that your delegates are bound to the winner of the Sunshine State primary through 3 rounds of voting. We do not expect there will be a round four.

If this is true I would like to remind you all that Mr. Cruz won only 13% of the votes in Broward County and only 12% in Palm Beach County. Mr. Trump won 49.2% and 52.13% respectively.

I speak frequently speak with Governor Scott and this will be on the agenda with my next phone call with him.

I will also send a link to his column to my friend Sean Hannity and others at Fox News as a heads up for further investigation.

Perhaps they will add this to the Colorado story I initiated on Fox News with a former Trump delegate from Colorado who asked for my help when he was denied his vote.

Copy to: Fort Lauderdale, Boynton Beach, Palm Beach, GOP State Committeeman/woman

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Trump Colorado supporter not allowed to vote at State Assembly. Trump’s National Delegate Candidate from Colorado, Kimberly J, was not allowed to vote at the Colorado GOP assembly on April 9th, 2016 in Colorado Springs. Her County had ballots from A through H and K through Z skipping I & J, conveniently.

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  1. victor and Bebe Rose Montallana
    victor and Bebe Rose Montallana says:

    Just to remind you that Donald Trump won Florida by landslide and the 99 delegates that he won are bound to be loyal for him and this is not fair if this 99 delegates will go to Ted Cruz. Donald Trump is the only candidate that is self funded and is not controlled by establishment. He is the only candidate that is strong on immigration, border, and building the wall and as a businessman he is the only one that can solve our 19 trillion debt and bring jobs and companies back to our country. He is the only one that will work for the people and our country without getting paid the salary of President. Cruz is pro amnesty. pro TPP, pro Nafta and will not build the wall. He is an all talk politician no action and he is a liar and cheater in Iowa, Utah, Wisconsin and Colorado. The people in colorado did not vote and GOP gave all the delegates to Cruz without letting the people exercise their rights to vote. this is dirty politics and illegal to take the peoples right to vote as stated in our constitution.

  2. Kiss This
    Kiss This says:

    This is the stupidest article and letter I have seen written to date. Mike has been an avid supporter of Trump even in his commission as PBC Chairman. His support was blatantly obvious as on his own personal Facebook page he would provide info on Trump events and not Marco events. He may be a lot of thing, but guilty of trying to take the nomination to Cruz is not one of them. As a matter of fact, I was told by him that our campaign was making a big mistake by not getting Rubio here more often, seems our bullish Chairmen in the state got their wishes and Trump took it anyway. No, if the nomination is to be stolen it will go to Marco, not Cruz so that we can actually beat Hillary. Don’t be such a dumb jackass Mr. Sutton, if you recall, your county was the only one Marco won you corrupted bastard!

  3. SRQ Tad
    SRQ Tad says:

    Each state GOP has it’s own rules as to Convention Delegate selection and binding. Some delegates are never bound to any candidate. Some are bound, to a particular candidate, for 1, 2 or 3 rounds of voting then become unbound. Some states have all of their delegates given to the winner of that state’s primary (winner take all). Some state’s apportion their delegates based on primary/caucus results

    Florida is a 99-member delegation, winner-of-primary-take-all, bound-for-3-voting-rounds, anyone-can-apply, selected by a committee made up of the County Chair and State Committeeman/woman (3 people each county), from all counties within a given US congressional district.

    In FL, way more often than not, it’s the State Committee members and the County chairs that wind up as delegates or alternates (67 counties x 3 people doing the selecting = 201 — 99 delegates + 99 alternates = 198). However, since not all County Chairs or State Committee members can commit to attending the convention, there are a number of other applicants, usually consistent, big donors to the State GOP, who get selected.

    The plain reality is this. In FL, the tax-payers pay for the GOP (and, BTW, the Dems) to take an official poll of their voters. It’s called the Presidential Preference Primary. BUT, at the convention and while the voter preference is taken into account, It’s the delegates who decide on the nominee.

    The national Convention works, within the primary/caucus phase, to a certain and lesser degree, like the electoral college works in the General election phase. The relative popularity of a given candidate only goes so far.

    And, that’s how it should be in the Constitutional, Representative Republic that is the USA.

      • Linden
        Linden says:

        Yes, I am really interested to see this answer. I am not completely opposed to the delegate system, BUT in this election particularly, the tension between the Republican voters themselves and the party elite is without precedent, IMHO. The actions the party elite will choose in their delegate choice will demonstrate their respect and regard for the voters whom they ostensibly represent (or not).

        Having been a campaign worker for elections without number, walking and managing precincts, running phone banks, attending conventions, etc., I never really have understood to what degree the party elite choose the nominee for us peons, who put them in office and pay their salaries, and the contempt in which they hold us. The Republican voters are just a means to an end, and the elites’ end will destroy our country.

        I guarantee you that the average Republican didn’t understand until this election exactly why, year after year, we got horrible, cowardly, uninspired, dull, corrupt candidates as our choice in elections. NOW THEY KNOW. THE MASK IS OFF.

        The American people do not want a ruling class, we are genetically opposed to that. We don’t want it in our political parties nor our government. We want our government to be our servants and not our masters. We will see, this election, who is master and who is servant, because Trump’s campaign has torn the mask off the Pubbie Pretenders and their Dim cohorts in DC.

        We will see, we will see.

  4. Patricia Romano
    Patricia Romano says:

    I have spoken to Michael Barnett on April 14 2016. The call was originally put in by me which was returned within seconds from Mr Barnett. I told him the reason for the call as I as well received a notice containing the same information. Mr Barnett explained rules and was nice enough to send me a set of those rules which have been secured as well as the original note. I later sent a copy of the notice and the information directly to Mr D Trump.


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