Cruz’s Extra-Marital Problems Continue

The National Enquirer generally has a good track record in exposing politicians in a dim view and now, Ted Cruz has come under the microscope of the National Enquirer. The National Enquirer has taken flak and it still stands by its story.  The National Enquirer has only touched the surface of Senator Ted Cruz’s problem of sexual escapades and more information has been slowly coming out.

Yet, according to the track record of the National Enquirer, they have managed to crack open major sex scandals and expose politicians and their escapades.  According to Drew Johnson’s tweet, he stated two of the women named by the National Enquirer is accurate (theHornNews, 2016).

During an interview with Steve Malzberg of Newsmax, TV, Roger Stone stated, of the five women reported by the National Enquirer, Malzberg asked point-blank if he had slept with any of them and Roger Stone said, yes (Wilmot Provisio, 2016).  Considering, Roger Stone found it quite odd that Cruz is not suing the National Enquirer for false allegations.  Cruz knows the scandal is true and he may be worried about his ability to survive discovery (theHornNews; Wells, 2016).

Ted Cruz attempted to deflect the blame on Donald Trump for the National Enquirer story (Wells, 2016), Roger Stone stated, it was private detectives who were hired by the Marco Rubio campaign and the article specifically cited these private investigators.

While there is a certain amount of speculation concerning Cruz’s super PAC giving Carly Fiorina’s super PAC $500,000, Sarah Isgur Flores is at the heart of the speculation about this money being used as “hush money” (theHornNews, 2016).  The Fiorina and the Cruz campaigns were in direct competition with each other (Ruffini, 2016).  According to Kellyanne Conway, the donated money was to allow Fiorina to say what was important.  This is a profound statement due to the fact that each were vying to be the nominee for president.  The point of these campaigns are to best each other.

The FEC is now asking questions about this transfer of funds, yet, does it not seem strange that Carly Fiorina is now supporting Ted Cruz?  As odd as it seems, with Sarah Isgur Flores and this money transfer, Carly Fiorina seems to be the “Red Herring” to try to enforce Ted Cruz’s lie that Donald Trump had something to do with the scandal that broke by way of the National Enquirer.

The Daily Beast (Burke, 2016) stated by Cathy Burke, that Breitbart News was given a video by a person allied with Marco Rubio.  The problem was if this person was part of the Rubio campaign, Breitbart News might have run it.

The story that the National Enquirer ran, with the five women indicated, two have spoken out against the article.  What is troubling, are some tweets from Amanda Carpenter.  Though, she denies any relationship with Ted Cruz, her tweets indicate otherwise.  Such tweets were, “Cruz about to do something very sweet.  I may cry”, 9/25/2013 and “Daddy Cruz is coming to get you Washington Post”, 12/22/15.  What is revealing about these tweets, others have replied and re-tweeted her tweets.  Replies to these tweets included: @JoePrich, “Just think if you had deactivated immediately this might’ve never been seen” #cruzsexscandal, @DebraMax “#cruzsexscandal why would a woman tweet stuff like this then say things are not true”.  (Debra Max copied a tweet of Amanda’s ((shown))

@AmandaCarpenter “Really going for it today @Salon: Why I date married men: There’s warmth and there’s space, there’s intimacy and there’s distance …”

Yet, Amanda Carpenter interviews with Jake Tapper, stating she never had an affair with Ted Cruz.  Some of her tweets and the pictures she posted states otherwise.  To a point, when she referred to Ted Cruz as “Daddy Cruz”, there was a reference of a baby involved.  When babies are involved, things become a little sticky.  During the Republican convention, of 2012, Ted Cruz and Amanda Carpenter were seen together between the timeframe of August 27 through 30, 2012.  The baby who was born, his name is Harry Carpenter.  According to a pictorial analysis, it has been determined that Harry Carpenter is Ted Cruz’s son.  This is based on a variety of factors:

  • Amanda and Ted were together between, August 27 – 30, 2012.
  • Gestation period was between, September 2012 through April 2013 with the birth of Harry on May 28, 2013 at 4:01 am.
  • Certain facial features of the child match both Amanda and Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz had sealed his records and the question of true citizenship of Harry Carpenter may be in question.  Though, Harry Carpenter is not the main focus of this paper, it does affect him.  The sealing of these records causes more questions than answers.  Yet, what are the concerns?

  1. Cruz is not suing the National Enquirer because he knows the allegations are true.
  2. What was the real reason for Cruz’s super PAC giving Carly for America super PAC $500,000?
  3. Why does Carly Fiorina now support Ted Cruz and endorse him for president? What does it mean since there is $500,000 involved?  Is this “hush money”?  Is this money a pay-off for Carly to suspend her campaign?  Maybe a way for this money to find its way back to the Cruz campaign.  The FEC is inquiring for answers now.
  4. What is the story behind the Cruz affair video that was given by a person who is affiliated with the Rubio campaign?
  5. While Amanda Carpenter stated there was no affair, her tweets and pictures indicate otherwise. Is this tweet, “Daddy Cruz is coming to get you Washington Post”, cryptic?  Daddy Cruz is really a Daddy and “Washington Post” really means Harry Carpenter.

If there was no “affair”, then, why, during the 2012 Republican convention, did people see them leave together; only to net a baby nine months later.

  1. What was the purpose of sealing his records? Does it mean he has no record of US citizenship?  Does it mean he has a child he is hiding?

There are more questions to be answered, yet, it is doubtful they will be answered; not by Ted Cruz anyway.

The sealing of records is hiding information from the public by elected personnel, in this case.  Sealing records is what Obama did to hide his eligibility for Office.  Considering, Pres. Chester A. Arthur burned his records to keep from being discovered.  Obama sealed his records to keep from being discovered and now, Senator Ted Cruz sealed his records to keep from being discovered.  And, like Bill Clinton, Ted Cruz cannot keep his hands off women and keep his pants up.

As we know, Bill Clinton, a Democrat, was a philanderer and could not keep his hands off of women and could not keep his pants up.  Now, Ted Cruz, a Republican, has followed in Bill Clinton’s footsteps as a philanderer.  The only difference between Bill and Ted’s “Excellent Adventure” is that Bill is a natural born citizen.


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