State by State: The Cost of Illegal Immigration

UPDATE: The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration to U.S. Taxpayers – 2017

Wondering how illegal immigration is affecting your pocket book? In 2013, taxpayers shouldered $100 billion in state spending on illegal aliens!

You may also access FAIR’s State Cost Studies and Immigration Facts for more information.

Below are state-by-state detailed infographics on how much illegals burden you and your state:

Alabama Kentucky North Dakota
Alaska Louisiana Ohio
Arizona Maine Oklahoma
Arkansas Maryland Oregon
California Massachusetts Pennsylvania
Colorado Michigan Rhode Island
Connecticut Minnesota South Carolina
Delaware Mississippi South Dakota
District of Columbia Missouri Tennessee
Florida Montana Texas
Georgia Nebraska Utah
Hawaii Nevada Vermont
Idaho New Hampshire Virginia
Illinois New Jersey Washington
Indiana New Mexico West Virginia
Iowa New York Wisconsin
Kansas North Carolina Wyoming


States’ War on Obama’s Executive Immigration Actions Goes to the Supreme Court

Trump Watch! Is rumored refugee cap reduction to 50,000 that significant?

Under Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony. The below infographic shows how Mexico deals with those who come there illegally:

mexico illegals law

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  1. Farside
    Farside says:

    For anyone that wants sanctuary for illegals, add a simple question on the Tax forms that asks, would you prefer your state to be a sanctuary state, or not? If they answer yes, then add the average amount it cost to support the illegals in their state to their taxed amount. I’ll bet a lot of them change their answer.

  2. dennis ingram
    dennis ingram says:

    Ok we have seen what the Mexican law and their punishment. Why don’t we enact the exact same law and penalties. If we can not own a car in Mexico, then they can not own one in America, we can not vote in Mexico, they should not vote in America. If an American commits a crime in Mexico and gets 5 years in jail, if a Mexican commits the same crime in America, the Mexican gets 5 years too.
    If we have the exact same chart and follow the exact same rules, we are not being unfair.

  3. dennis ingram
    dennis ingram says:

    Oh by the way, sending American money out of the country without paying the appropriate tax, is against the law, it should be confiscated and returned to the treasury. As long as it is profitable, they will do it, as long as it feels good, they will do it. When it no longer is fun, they will stop doing it. YES, it is just that easy to stop this illegal activity.

  4. Rich
    Rich says:

    If local news papers and local TV news would report the full cost of illegals to local people, as listed by state in this report, perhaps the concerned would outnumber the bleeding hearts at the ballot box. When a small state like Idaho shells out a net amount of $176 million to illegals, and a sanctuary state like Washington where taxpayers shell out a net of $2.5 billion the people need to rise up and vote the hand wringers out of office.

  5. Dave Walker
    Dave Walker says:

    Perhaps those wanting immigrants to pass freely should be sponsors. To have them live with them, support their religion, their customs, their diets. Tolerate their subordination of women and your infidel ways. Support them financially till they are able to participle in paying taxes. This should continue till they obtain Citizenship

  6. John Boogman
    John Boogman says:

    Did you notice on the news a couple days ago, that when threatened with deportation, flocks of illegals where applying for citizen papers, some who had been in this country since the Viet Nam era -all sponging off you and I – don’t ya just get the warm fuzzies when you hear that.

  7. BennyWatson
    BennyWatson says:

    We should deport them and if they come back without going through the proper channels. Well they should be put in a prison and in solitary confinement for five years. They should be given bread and water for food. Then deported again. If they come back a third time with out going through the right channels. They should be put in prison for twenty years in solitary on bread and water with one regular meal every other day. Then deport them for the last time. No more chances. If they come back again. Firing squad.

  8. CockRight
    CockRight says:

    Everybody that is a registered dumbacrat gets 5 illegal aliens to take care of. They can support them until they get out of school and get a job. If they do not want to work or hunt for a job the host family gets to still keep paying their taxes. Next, to fix healthcare. Remove the Kennedy health bill for the upper crust of government employees and elected officials. Put them on the same health care the rest of America has and lets see how fast the problem get’s fixed. I bet by next week. Reopen all investigation’s into Obama and killary with all the dumbacrats connections to Soros’s money. Find Soros and give him to Putin, or put out a standing order to kill. Freeze all of Soros and Clinton scamdation accounts all over the world. Use that money to repair all the damage these two groups have committed against all societies. Lets put them in Guantanamo and find out what they really have done to the world and how many people they have had killed.

  9. Joe
    Joe says:

    That makes it how many Septillion. USA owns the Indians/Apaches.
    100 billion sounds like small potatoes up to USA Military send in 2015 of 600 Billions.

  10. Rhonda
    Rhonda says:

    The Liberal Left has repeatedly lied for so long that they all believe these tax thieves are American’s and Tax Payers. So full of crap, deport all of them!

  11. Joel
    Joel says:

    I think that many democRats are for illegal immigration just to be against Pres Trump. As for Soros,he is a naturalized citizen born in Hungary. There must be a way to void his citizenship. It has been done with some Germans who came here after WW2.

  12. porche
    porche says:

    Just wondering if these calculations include the money that is put into the economy by the illegals… It’s a fair question, so don’t pounce on me! They pick our lettuce and strawberries and how many other crops while legal Americans complain about them being here but would never take their jobs and get their hands dirty. How many privileged white Americans also have their lawns taken care of by illegals? … And watch their children? … And clean their houses?? All jobs that we citizens don’t want to pay what legal Americans want to be paid. So the money that’s NOT being paid is actually a discount on these numbers.
    I know some will want to attack what I’m saying, but I’m looking at the numbers behind the statistics…
    If you want to say they’re taking jobs from legal Americans, just look at Cuba where these low level jobs are plentiful, and I can tell you (first hand knowledge) that people who feel privileged still won’t do them.
    … I am totally behind the suggestion of our elected officials being on same healthcare as the rest of us. I don’t understand how they ever got away with passing their luxury healthcare on our dime!

  13. Gary G. Cramer
    Gary G. Cramer says:

    Based on what we know which isn’t very much, I feel that our country will be attacked in every way till God shows up and fixes things. What confirms my thoughts is when Donald J. Trump was elected as president. Donald is and w/be attacked every day. The Left and communist agenda is strong and has many hidden splinter support groups to help. (They count on us so called Sheeple to not pay attention). Now is high time for ALL functional religions. We must ALL pray for president Trump in leadership for our country. In my opinion, this is the last opportunity. God speed, Gary G. Cramer

  14. Claire
    Claire says:

    Have you been to their countries to see how ruined they have left them? I say after the wall is built, no more select “1” for English and Home Depot, Lowes, etc print product directions in English only.. “WE ARE NOT MEXICO” we won that war…

  15. Claire
    Claire says:

    Jobs can be done just as well as if they are legal..

    I’ve lived in Italy & Germany for military. Car license plates distinguished us from Italians & Germans. Had to carry documents at all times.. When your tour was over, had to leave.. Spoke their languages and used their money, paying respect to the hose nation.. Which illegals do not do to our nation.. As for Obama and Soros’ actions now!! They are showing sedition and treasonous activity & should be brought up on charges.. Just go online to subliminal picture of the Obama’s turning their backs.. He was a community organizer and has stepped back into those shoes, to organize all the ongoing protests.. A leopard does not change his spots..

  16. PAT
    PAT says:

    Illegal immigration IMHO could be stopped so easily and cost almost nothing by
    1) Not allowing drivers licenses to illegals
    2) no employment to Illegals
    3) No bank accounts to Illegals
    4) Anyone employing Illegals $50,000.00 fine 1st offense
    4.5) 2nd Offense $100,000.00 fine and 5 years in prison
    Same for people housing them

    5) Churches are a huge problem bringing in Illegals and foreigners, if they are so passionate in bringing them to America, they must foot the bill completely. No welfare, food stamps etc…
    6) We already bring in over 1,000,000 immigrants LEGALLY more than the rest the world combined.
    7) Eliminate anchor Babies
    8) Currently if people are brought here Syrians etc… they get settled then can bring their parents, cousins and through ILLEGAL actions say others are family and bring them here too all at our expense.

    If Politicians are so passionate about this they must be required to lead by example and have a minimum of 3 live with them for 10 years in their house.

    FACT we can help 12 times more people in other countries in their own country better there than bringing them to AMERICA where they can’t speak the language, don’t work and don’t understand our culture and honestly aren’t interested in becoming Americans.


  17. Luann
    Luann says:

    Years ago many came to Elias Iland for a better life and they adapted. People now are free loaders and take our jobs and try to keep there ways. Americans wake up. They are running us . Bring our choice to pray and celebrate back. People on welfare and disability need to be checked on so they dont cheat the system.

  18. Xas Szdmandsk
    Xas Szdmandsk says:

    Seems something screwy in the numbers – – when I divide California’s $25.3 B by cost per HoH, I get 10.3M HoH. CA has 12.8M households. This is an error of 20%. That doesn’t change my opinion that we need a border wall and immigration enforcement, but it does mean I question the overall numbers. (They could be off either way)

  19. says:

    Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thanks, However I am having difficulties with your RSS.
    I don’t understand why I am unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone else having identical RSS issues?
    Anybody who knows the answer can you kindly
    respond? Thanx!!


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