VIDEO: The Wild Bill Waterboarding Company

It’s time to get back to delivering justice to terrorists.

Donald Trump recently escalated his war of words with CIA director John Brennan. castigating the spymaster for saying he would never bring back waterboarding – even under a future president’s orders.

‘I think his comments are ridiculous,’ Trump said during a phone-in interview with ‘Fox & Friends’ on Monday morning.

‘I mean, they chop off heads and they drown people in cages with 50 in [a] cage – in big steel, heavy cages – drop ’em right into the water, drown people!’ Trump exclaimed, referring to the ISIS terror army.

‘And we can’t waterboard and we can’t do anything!’

Here is video of Donald Trump’s position on waterboarding during a GOP debate:


Trump: Brennan’s Refusal on Waterboarding ‘Ridiculous’

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