A Request from Canadian 9/11 Terror Victims

I thought this would be of interest. During my Ontario government days with the Office for Victims of Crime I worked with Canada’s 9-11 victims and Maureen Basnicki in particular as we helped them following the 9-11 attacks.

The Canadian Coalition Against Terror (C-CAT) was founded by Maureen to continue that effort and I think they’ve done a great job in exposing the truth and helping victims of terrorism including through use of civil litigation against state sponsors of terrorism like Iran. As you may know, Iran has assets in Canada which terrorism victims are pursuing in litigation which will be ended if we delist them and the Iranian Embassy was the front for some nasty activity against persons they didn’t like here in Canada.

Bottom line is that I hope you’ll read the below letter from Maureen and consider joining me in signing this petition.

Request from Canadian Terror Victims

Dear Friends,

I am a Canadian 9/11 family member and a cofounder of the Canadian Coalition Against Terror (C-CAT). Many of C-CAT’s founding members lost family and friends to Iranian-sponsored terrorism, and Canada has correctly listed Iran as a State Supporter of Terrorism. As Canada continues to court Iran this listing must be a red line. Should the Canadian government remove Iran from that list, terror victims will no longer be able to sue Iran in Canadian courts.

Please click on the graphic below to sign our parliamentary petition to keep Iran listed in Canada as a State Supporter of Terrorism. Any Canadian citizen or permanent resident, regardless of age, can sign. The petition is officially hosted by parliament and is only open for 120 days. It will then be presented by the sponsoring MP on the floor of Parliament. After signing you will get an email from parliament requesting that you confirm your support for the petition. Please don’t forget this crucial 2nd step.


Maureen Basnicki


terror dollars out of canada petition

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  1. Catherine Campbell
    Catherine Campbell says:

    I do not want the Iranian Embassy, which used to harass and intimidate Canadian citizens of Iranian descent, back in Canada. I do not want the Canadian Government to pander to this regime, which is constantly threatening to use nuclear weapons! I do not want Canada to ” normalize” relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is a despicable regime, executing large numbers of women and children.


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