Former U.S. Marine Mark Varner: The Case Where Justice Was Not Blind

Where are all of those so-called concerned activists when cruel injustice is on full display?

The dragon media has ignored this example of a black robe gone wild with a level of defiance that would make all the democrats who defiantly want open borders proud. One such case was brought to my In Macomb County MI, On the night of July 14, 2014, two people in a large pickup truck were feeling their oats and viciously harassed Mark Anthony Varner.

Mr. Varner was simply taking his customary drive home after work. The bullying truck drivers kept motoring very close behind with their bright lights glaring. Their tail gaiting then turned into trying to run Varner off the road. Mark Varner was driving a much smaller two door Fiat. He made numerous tries to evade the treacherous truck drivers who just would not leave Varner alone. According to Mark Varner’s sister, he even pulled off the road to avoid the haranguing truck drivers.

After a few moments Mark proceeded on his journey home, when suddenly the big truck appeared from behind again. Eventually, the truck pulled alongside Mark and the driver fired off several gunshot blasts toward his vehicle. In all the details I never learned if Mr. Varner’s car was ever hit by the volley of bullets.

By now, Mark a licensed gun owner and a former Marine who possessed a concealed carry permit license (CPL) began to fear for his life and figured it was time to defend himself. He fired back at the truck and quickly pulled over again to call 911. Mark was instructed by the 911 operator to remain where he was located and await a squad car, which he did.

Moments later, the officers arrived and Mark immediately informed them that he is a licensed CPL gun owner and that the weapon is in the car. That is standard practice when you own a CPL. Despite no investigation whatsoever, Mark was automatically deemed by the police the be the trouble starter in the scenario. Thus he was immediately placed in the back of the police squad car. The driver of the truck also called the police and were met by the police at a nearby location, but he and his passenger were never put into a squad car.

Mark was handcuffed and taken to the police station and arraigned the following morning.

To add insult to injury, the police never investigated to even see if the truck driver had a gun. Because they assumed Mark Varner was the one who initiated the hostilities.

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  1. Diana
    Diana says:

    For 1, you should probably get all of your facts right when it comes to a case. The driver and passenger of the truck WERE, in fact, searched and that includes the truck they were driving as well, and placed into the back of a police SUV. And, if it was “self defense” then I would support the decision that Mr. Varner made that late night, however it was confirmed by another 911 call, the number of shots fired and the shell casings found relating to Mr. Varner’s .45 caliber firearm. And 2, Mr. Varner never pulled over he simply RACED down the empty street to the freeway!

    So next time instead of falsifying your information and broadcasting it all over the internet you should have all the evidence and not a one sided story.

  2. Na
    Na says:

    From the sounds of it you might be one of the people in that truck trying to run my friend off the road. If the truck was searched then where is the paperwork to support that? Also, I’ll take an ex marines word over two hillbillies who are obviously again colored people.


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