PODCAST: Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech, DOJ ‘Newspeak’ and EU’s ISIS Problem

Donald Trump on Tuesday swept five states and is running away with the nomination.  With approximately 1,000 delegates, he is positioned to reach the 1,237 mark before the convention in Cleveland.  Meanwhile, his closest competitor Ted Cruz picked his VP candidates in Carly Fiorina.

In Europe, Italian authorities arrested four would-be terrorists affiliated with ISIS, and Brussels began distributing iodine tablets (to counteract the effects of a potential dirty bomb).

Finally, with the official transition of the term “convicted criminal” to “justice-involved individual,” the politically correct DOJ ushers in a new era in American Newspeak.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy address
  • The State of the Republican Primary
  • Europe’s Terror Continues in Italy and Belgium
  • The DOJ’s Newspeak Lexicon
  • Potential Implications of a Trump Nomination and Presidency

& more . . .

EDITORS NOTE: You can listen to USA Transnational Report live on JJ McCartney’s Nightside Radio Studios.

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