VIDEO: 3,600 New Yorkers on an Islamic State Hit List

In recent weeks ISIS hackers published the names of soldiers and other Americans, including personal details such as home addresses.

The organization that claims to be the hacking arm of ISIS published a list of 3,600 New Yorkers in a supposed hit list.

American officials played down the seriousness of the threat.

“Every so often, some group…puts out names to scare people. So far, praise God, there’s been no follow-up on any of this,” said New York Senator Charles Schumer, who suggested this was not the work of the Islamic State.

The FBI spent much of the last few days making sure it contacted Americans on the list issued by United Cyber Caliphate.

One woman shared a voicemail she received with The Daily Dot:

“Good afternoon, this is Special Agent [name removed] with the FBI,” said the voice. “Please give me a call back regarding information of yours that might have leaked via a social media portal on an ISIS platform.”

In recent weeks supposed ISIS hackers published the names of dozens of Americans including  New Jersey police officers and managed to temporarily take over U.S. military social-media accounts.

This video is a brief news report on the latest hack:


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  1. Lisa F.
    Lisa F. says:

    It’s great that you posted this article. But you used a photo that was produced and used by Anonymous, and it is one of their missions to fight ISIS in cyber space. The group that released the 3,600 names is the United Cyber Caliphate which was a merger between the Cyber Caliphate Army and two other hacking groups. The UCC has since released the names and photos of 43 US military and government officials — it was probably made by a lesser operative than the 3,600 because the photos were likely taken from websites and the phone numbers were departmental general numbers.


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