Trump has an 83 percent chance of winning Indiana

trump indianaThe Indiana Primary is today, and it’s in many ways the beginning of the end — one way or the other — of the #NeverTrump campaign.

A clean win for Cruz in the state is a win for the anti-Trump forces within the GOP, and a win for Donald J. Trump is a massive setback and potential death knell for the forces opposing the real estate magnate.

According to FiveThirtyEight polls-plus forecast based on nine polls, Trump has an 83 percent chance of winning the statewide vote.

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EDITORS NOTE: FiveThirtyEight forecasts don’t produce a single expected vote share for each candidate, but rather generate a range of possible outcomes, shown here. The range will be wider or narrower under certain circumstances: For instance, it narrows as the election gets closer. The FiveThirtyEight estimate of each candidate’s chance of winning the state is based on these ranges.

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