VIDEO: Will Hillary’s anti-Trump Ad Backfire?

Brit Hume Tweeted a link to a new anti-Trump Hillary Clinton campaign political ad. It gives a list of things that a President Trump and his administration will do on the first day in office and beyond.

Hume Tweeted, “And so it begins in earnest. This is just a sample of what Trump will be facing.”

Question: Does the anti-Trump ad benefit Trump?

The GOP primary has shown that the more Trump is attacked, the more votes he gets. In Indiana 64,000 negative ads were run against Trump and he won the Hoosier state in a landslide. Is Brit Hume wrong in his Tweet?

Twenty years ago, David Brooks longed for “confidence and vigor” in a president. Doesn’t this video show a president with confidence and vigor? Do voters see confidence and vigor in Hillary Clinton? That is the question on the November 8th ballot.

Some think Hillary’s ad will backfire because it depicts a strong, principled and vigorous president. Some view the ad as pro-Trump. It reinforces his policy statements at a time when voters are looking for a strong America and a different direction.

Will the voters see Hillary’s ad and think this is exactly what America needs?

You may view the full ad below:

Does this ad make the case for why people should vote for Trump?

Please leave a comment and tell us what you think.


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  1. Dont want spam
    Dont want spam says:

    That was the Best Pro Trump ad that we will ever see. Hillary should bill Donald for that one!

  2. Blair
    Blair says:

    Hahahaha Hillary’s people are SO out of touch with the American people they think this is a negative ad.


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