PODCAST: Trump Wins, what’s it mean? Londonistan’s Muslim Mayor!

Now that the Republican primary has concluded, Donald Trump promises to be the most disruptive presidential candidate in decades.  What do his positions on trade and immigration mean for the country, and why are so many “conservatives” so opposed to his candidacy?

Across the ocean, London has elected their first Muslim mayor.  Along with Merkel’s insistence that borders remain open, is there a way to reverse the Islamification of western culture?  Meanwhile, security concerns continue domestically as the FBI busts a would-be terrorist operation in Florida.  And finally, who is Ben Rhodes, and how has his “fictional” view of the world shaped the modern Middle East?

Topics of Discussion:

  • FBI busts would-be terrorists in Florida
  • Implications and Aspirations of a Trump Presidency
  • London’s First Muslim Mayor & Merkel’s Doubling Down on Open Borders
  • Who the heck is Ben Rhodes?

& more . . .


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