Kerry calls for a Botoxed world with no borders or wrinkles

A Botoxed world of Next Tuesday will have no borders

Years of Botox injections have stiffened John Kerry’s spine to a point where he can finally take a stand. The Botox also helps to eliminate any possible “tells” in his facial expressions, revealing nothing but the strict Party line without any distracting wrinkles.

National borders are like wrinkles, too. Which is why the entire world also needs to be Botoxed and straightened out, starting with the USA.

His skin looks a bit too gray, but there’s always makeup for a genuinely healthy look. Besides, his wife Tee-Razor once opined that if he gained a little weight he might appear a bit cuddlier. A Botoxed, cuddlier Kerry for a Botoxed, cuddlier world!

Hollywood knows this better than anyone else. No matter how deformed the Botox makes them look, they clamor for a world without wrinkles. It’s the intention that counts.

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire by Pamalinsky originally appeared on The Peoples Cube.

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