‘Illogical’ Defines Obama’s Refugee Resettlement Program

When looking at Obama’s policies it isn’t difficult to come to the conclusion that all, and I mean all, of his executive orders and strategies are to undermine the Judeo/Christian principles on which this country is founded. This is also the case when focusing on the ramifications of the Refugee Resettlement Program.

If someone were to apply the least amount of common sense to the “refugee crisis” we are experiencing due to the warring Islamic countries of the Middle East and Africa, it would mirror the Obama Administration’s Refugee Resettlement Program.

The latest casualty on Obama’s Illogical Tour is Rutland, Vermont, home to socialist Bernie Sanders. According to Leo Hohmann of World Net Daily some 100 Syrians were resettled in the small northern town without any public discussion of the matter, just a quick announcement of acceptance by the Rutland Mayor relaying his town’s positive outlook on receiving the immigrants.

Hohmann reports,

“In fact, when residents of Rutland, Vermont, found out about the secretly negotiated deal to seed their community with migrants from a Middle Eastern hotbed of Sunni radicalism, they were livid.

They packed a local library for an “informational” meeting Thursday night. At least 20 of them stood outside with protest signs, demanding that their mayor explain why he negotiated the entire deal with the federal resettlement contractors behind closed doors and outside the purview of public scrutiny.”

Hohmann’s article goes on to quote a local resident, David O’Brien, on his thoughts concerning the lack of input from the local citizens about the resettling of the refugees in his town. O’Brien stated,

“Something like relocating 100 refugees, especially from a very tough part of the world, war-torn Syria, is something you would just logically think you would have a discussion about,”

This is what O’Brien and the rest of the tax-paying American citizens need to understand. Obama doesn’t care what you think about his plan to relocate hundreds of thousands of immigrants into the country, nor does he care about the negative ramifications of such a program to the local townspeople’s way of life. Most importantly, his plan follows no sound judgement for the protection of American’s security or livelihoods.

Several of the nonsensical points of this program are:

  • Who, in their right mind, would even consider bringing thousands of refugees from a hotbed of Islamic terrorism into small towns and communities and consider it sound judgement? Our top national security officers have testified that it is impossible to vet even the Syrians. According to Michael Cutler, a former border control official with over 40 years of experience, one cannot expect a perfect result from a flawed vetting process. It can’t be done, period.
  • A refugee is one that would normally seek temporary shelter until dangerous situations have passed in order for that refugee to return to their home country. So, logically it makes more sense to settle the refugee in close proximity to their home country, not spend twelve times the amount of money to relocate the individual with virtually no chance of them buying a ticket back to their country of origin.
  • Since our country was founded on Judeo/Christian principles, it would make sense for us to seek out those authentic refugees that have been singled out due to their religion, the Christians. These Christians in Syria, Iraq, and other warring Islamic countries are afraid to venture into the strictly Islamic environments that characterize the United Nations camps, of which 95% of our refugees are from. So, Obama’s program leaves out the most vulnerable and deserving refugees.
  • Obama’s Refugee Program brings to America, by the hundreds of thousands, the very Muslims who carry with them the exact ideology of the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas, al-Nusra, and Boko Haraam. Any Muslim who doesn’t denounce the Sharia should be considered a “sleeper-cell” for Islamic jihad. Undoubtedly bringing them into the heart of our country doesn’t make us safer. It would then make sense to ban any more Muslims from entering our country during this climate of global Islamic terror.
  • Once the refugee steps foot on our soil they can apply for all Federal, State and Local welfare programs. If a refugee is over 65 they are eligible for Social Security benefits. How is this helping our national debt? In addition, the refugees don’t have a right, nor do they deserve our hard-working tax dollars.
  • There are some 93 million Americans out of work, and yet this program, has the hearty support of big corporations, the US Chamber of Commerce and the Volunteer Resettlement Agencies (VOLAGS). For example, Tennessee’s Neil MacDonald of the Chamber says this about bringing in immigrants and refugees, “If we want to compete on an international basis, it’s essential we continue our growth in diversity.” See RRW for full story. How about we start giving jobs to skilled Americans who have been tossed out of their careers by foreign workers, which would make sense.
  • The rape capitol of the West is Sweden. If the Muslim male population in that country is roughly 2% with 77% of the reported rape cases committed by Muslims, it would make sense to take into account that Muslim culture is against womens’ rights, and place a ban or limit on Muslim men entering our country as refugees.

One could continue the list of why the Refugee Program is harmful to America in its present form. Until Americans get up off the couch and decide to actually do something, we will suffer the destruction of many plans enacted by this treasonous president to change America forever.

Go to RestoretheUSA.net, download the petition, and hand carry it to your legislator to demand they defund Obama’s program.


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2 replies
  1. Leonel sotelo
    Leonel sotelo says:

    All part of Obamas plan to destroy the USA from within !!! Once we understand Obama is a muslim and is helping the Muslim brotherhood then everything else makes perfect sense !!!!
    Wake up americans silence is consent let our voices be heard this is not imigration this is an invasion !!!!!

  2. John Hays
    John Hays says:

    Obama is using the Oval Office to wage Jihad on America and refugee resettlement to tip the balance of votes in favor of DEMOcrats. If a republican won by 75 votes, send in a 100 “refugees”.


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