Faith For Good or Evil

For decades, the Little Sisters Of The Poor have been doing the honorable work of taking care of the elderly poor in America. Recently the Obama administration once again exhibited the willingness to persecute groups in the name of contraceptives. This time it was the Little Sisters of the Poor in the bigoted crosshairs of the Obama regime that tried to force them to violate their Catholic faith.  Not once, but twice did Obama and company go after the helpful Catholic organization to try and force them to provide contraceptives for their employees.

The Little Sisters of the Poor have been petitioning the republic’s highest court to ensure they do not have to comply with Obamacare draconian abortion mandate.  The unconstitutional mandate compels religious groups to pay for the birth control and drugs that may cause the killing of unborn babies.  Without relief from such madness, the Little Sisters of the Poor and other worthy groups that hope to overcome such brutal government edicts would face massive fines.

The Little Sisters of the Poor can breathe a sigh of relief, now that the Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling, by essentially telling the lower courts to find a way to accommodate the Little Sisters so that their conscience rights will not be violated.  The Supreme Court sent the case back to the lower courts to examine an alternative accommodation to the Obama mandate.

The justices instructed the lower court to find tweeks in the HHS mandate to eliminate any faith-based concerns “while still ensuring that the affected women receive contraceptive coverage seamlessly.”  Personally, I have faith that the courts at all levels will come to a logical conclusion of allowing women the right to freely purchase their own contraceptives as they need them.

Neither Christians, Catholics, or any religious practitioners should be forced to pay for personal items related directly or indirectly to the sexual activities of their employees.  But the positive side to the reality of this case is how through faith, the Little Sisters stood their ground.  They secured a favorable ruling that will force a common sense and just mandate to eventually be brought forth.

Hopefully the Little Sisters of the Poor will not be put in the poor house via $70 million dollars in big government fines for refusing to abandon and violate their faith.  I also solute the Little Sisters of the Poor, who exhibited and continue to set an example of maintaining their faith in the midst of anti- Catholic progressive Obama led bigotry.

When it comes to faith and the results of utilizing it there are few examples more apparent than what you will encounter in the Middle East.  Throughout that part of the world and wherever Muslims are populated, children are taught from birth to hate Jews.  Before school age, Muslim children are well versed in how to hate Christians and black people as well.  Muslim children are taught to have faith in a God they believe tells them it is ok to kill Jews, beat their wives and enslave black people, Today.  Their great faith in Allah is exhibited all the time via ISIS, hatred of America, etc.

A much more pleasant example of faith is on full display in the dynamic little nation that can, Israel.  Where through faith in God and in the ability to accomplish good for mankind, here are new breakthroughs in both science and math.


Roni Oron

For example, 13 year old Roni Oron who hails from Ramat Hasharon, Israel.  She is the latest winner of the Israel Space agency’s “Satellite is Born” award.  The young lady won the award for developing something she calls BioSat.  She designed BioSat “to solve a problem for astronauts trying to prove that life on Mars is possible.  According to Ma’ariv L’Noar, a Hebrew youth paper.  Miss Oron developed the system to produce oxygen in outer space.  That is a monumental achievement at any age.  But for a 13 year old, it is simply out of this world.

A bigger point is that hardly anyone, no matter their age would have the faith or mental fortitude to embark upon such a worthy mission if they had the misfortune of being born in a Muslim nation or giant Muslim enclave like Dearbornistan, MI.  In fact, they would not have the time inclination or desire to develop new inventions for the enhancement of science, math or simply the quality of life for all mankind.

13 year old Roni Oron is blessed with parents, both of whom encouraged her not to sit idly by and let life pass her by.  But rather seek to achieve and be the best she can be.  All without forcing or pushing her in a negative way to succeed.  She described her oxygen producing satellite as being like a large bubble on one side of which there is a mirror and the other side is transparent, enabling the penetration of sunlight.  Inside there will be water and algae.  Also there is an outer ring of carbon dioxide.

Through the process of photosynthesis, the satellite will produce oxygen.  Inside there are more mirrors that will enabe sunlight to reach the capsule, but not by direct radiation, which would harm the algae.  I for one want to congratulation Miss Oron and her parents for raising her to use her faith in the greater possibilities.  In addition, one cannot overlook Israel that is a nation where intelligence and positive faith are both exhibited and encouraged.

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