The GOP Establishment’s Last Stand Against Trump: ‘The Renegade Party’

In another desperate move by the GOP elites to throw a wrench into stopping Donald Trump’s nomination at the convention, conservative pundit and commentator, Bill Kristol, went on Newsmax and announced he was calling his anti-Trump protest party the ‘Renegade Party.’ Should anyone be shocked?

The National Review and their columnists have been incessantly attacking Trump since he announced his candidacy for president in June of 2015. Jim Hoft of Gatewaypundit blog, commented, “Obviously, Republication elites want a candidate that is pro-amnesty, pro-Trans Pacific Trade agreement and anti-Trump.”

Despite Kristol’s desperate effort to launch this group on Twitter, it appears to have already bombed, only securing 2,700 followers in 20 hours. Even the #NeverTrump hashtag continues to implode as revelations appear that Paul Ryan for president backers are clandestinely behind its promotion, in addition to Ted Cruz supporters.

Just who is funding the anti-Trump movement?

Apparently the Republican establishment has been reportedly setting up secret meetings in the plot to take down the GOP front runner and many of the major anti-Trump ads have been fueled by conservative groups. Even the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, appears to be involved in the take-down Trump movement when a National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) fundraiser was held recently in New York at the private home of the Ricketts, the billionaire owners of the Chicago Cubs. They reportedly have given more than $5 million dollars to the head of “Our Principles PAC”, an organization created exclusively to defeat Donald Trump, even using Mitt Romney in their ads denouncing Trump’s treatment of women.

The Club for Growth, another faux conservative group which is pro-amnesty has spent over $7 million in attack ads, with their biggest supporter, businessman Richard Uihlein giving over $1.5 million. Another PAC attacking Trump is “The American Future Fund” that has taken out aggressive anti-Trump ads attacking Trump University, spending over $22 million in ads so far. “Stand for Truth” PAC supporting Senator Cruz has spent more than $8.3 million to date.

Even Marco Rubio’s former super PAC, “Conservative Solutions” has spent about $54 million so far, with two top donors being Citadel founder Kenneth Griffin and New York hedge fund manager Paul Singer. On the Left, we have billionaire George Soros, who has created a super PAC, entitled “Immigrant Voters Win” who have funded a $15 million campaign to mobilize immigrants to get out the vote.

The Wall Street Journal revealed that Hillary Clinton allies have organized 22 liberal groups headed by which plan to orchestrate anti-Trump protests and disrupt the Republican Convention.

The GOP elites obviously are in a quandary, despite all of their efforts and millions spent to impede Trump’s inevitable nomination, another problem has arisen, Mitt Romney announced recently that he was suspending his independent campaign efforts; (the media never revealed that he had filed back in January to run for POTUS in 2016.) Perhaps there will be an attempt to nominate Paul Ryan, who also has filed to run for president, however, revelations of his role in the anti-Trump campaign and fundraisers has stirred a backlash for #NeverRyan on Social Media.

The “Renegade Party’s” latest posting on Twitter stated, “Our principles are nothing to laugh at. We will defeat Donald Trump in November. Ted Cruz will triumph.”

While the Trump Train moves forward to likely secure the needed delegates for nomination, it appears that the GOP may have some surprises planned for the convention. Conservatives not only have to fight the Left, they have to fight the party bosses as well; prepare for the fireworks.


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