Canadian PM’s “Elbowgate” Scandal Reveals Racism of Leftist Feminists by Christine Williams

Recently, the “Elbowgate” political scandal has been the news buzz in Canada, revolving around Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s so-called temper tantrum in the House of Commons. Leftists (and even some right-wingers) have fingered Trudeau as an abuser against women and as having an out-of-control temper because of an incident in the House of Commons in which he pushed past a group of disruptive New Democratic Party representatives and inadvertently elbowed a woman while doing so. This led to an apology by Trudeau under public pressure, and he demonstrated fine sportsmanship in doing so. The incident cut across party lines. I have been critical of Trudeau in the past, and there is much to criticize, but this is ridiculous. I wrote on my Facebook page:

Enough is enough. I applaud Trudeau. This cuts through partisan lines. If only these so-called feminist activists from the NDP could show 10% of that concern for the genuine abuse women of Islamist households face.

I was met with accolades, but also an opponent who wrote:

No way, he angrily stomped across the floor, manhandled a Conservative MP [a false charge, by the way] and elbowed a woman…this is called workplace abuse. He should have been thrown out of the House of Commons…

In a like-minded article, Trudeau even gets compared by a well-known CBC writer to former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, who was known for his foul temper. Says the CBC’s Neil Macdonald: “Jean Chrétien once lost his temper and grabbed a protester by the throat, something that almost certainly would have landed a non-prime minister before a judge.” One need only ask the question: why even bring up Chrétien in this context? And what does Justin Trudeau’s black belt in Judo — also mentioned in Macdonald’s article — have to do with “Elbowgate”? One positive aspect of all this is that the leftist media is showing impartiality by attacking someone who is considered to be one of its own; yet the silence by the same media is deafening with regard to the context of the “Elbowgate” incident, which is a legitimate and indeed paramount aspect of this issue.

The West is legitimately a watchdog on matters of human rights, which encompasses religious rights and the rights of women, but in this context the media falls dramatically short in the hoopla it has stirred up against Trudeau over “Elbowgate”. While the leftist mass media has gone ape over Justin Trudeau’s so-called “abuse” of a woman, it has been unable to adequately prove intent. In watching the [below] video, it appears that Trudeau did indeed lose his temper with the NDP shenanigans in blocking Conservative MP’s from passing by. The video reveals Trudeau “trying to pull Conservative whip Gord Brown through a crowd of MPs….who were milling about in hopes of delaying a vote related to the bill on doctor-assisted dying, C-14.” Yet the elbowing is unintentional; an extremely minor incident.

And while they’re enraged over this, why do these far leftist feminists and their allies — who appear to be so concerned about the well-being of women — not concern themselves with the genuine abuse of women in Islamic states? This is not to say that we should not concern ourselves with genuine abuse of women in our own culture. We pride ourselves on human rights, but where is the outcry for those “other women” living abroad?

Leftists are quick to cry racism and abuse of women and to buy into the “Islamophobia” victimology, yet these so-called proponents of human rights and women’s rights care little — as they demonstrate by their own actions — about women in Islamic countries, which suggests a troubling brand of racism, as they show that they have little to no concern for the fact that these foreign women are subject to heinous forms of abuse, such as getting acid thrown in their faces for attempting to get an education; honor killings; female genital mutilation; and other forms of subjugation. Also, how many of these leftist feminists would be personally accepting of a head-to-toe face covering in scorching summer heat because men said they have to be covered? It is common knowledge in our culture that abused women echo the voice of the abuser: they speak when told; they are forced to believe what they are told; they exemplify what is permitted in the eyes of the abuser; they are happy if the abuser tells them they are happy, etc. Leftist feminists are manifesting the same traits by their silence over the abuse of Muslim women.

It is unconscionable that leftist feminists use a different standard for themselves than for those brown women abroad. They’re displaying racism and supremacism in their dichotomy of standards. Low expectations are the ultimate in racism. One has no expectations of dogs and other animals, so what message are they sending to abusers in Islamic states and to male proponents of anti-women ideology? Why are abuse and the subjugation of foreign women accepted among leftist “feminists”? Also unconscionable is their lack of concern for Christians and Yazidis abroad, among others. One 20-year-old woman states:

We were raped up to five times a day….One girl went to the bathroom and slit her wrist. When she did not die she cut her throat. The guards came to me and said you come and identify her – she’s your friend. I could not recognise her. There was so much blood on her face. The guards wrapped her in a blanket and threw her out with the rubbish.

Instead, they attack Trudeau because he inadvertently pushed through a crowd of hooligan NDPers, and the incident is referred to as an attack on women. We do and should have higher standards under our Western democracy in how we treat women; but until far-leftists become thinking citizens who are concerned about the human rights of all people, they display their own lack of genuine concern for those rights, and that threatens our own democracies. This is because Western states currently have immigration policies that allow people from societies that do not espouse our concepts of human rights to flood in. By not applying equal standards of human rights, which is an indication of their racism, leftists undercut the values of our own country and doom us to becoming dhimmis under the hegemony of Islam law, as we demonstrate our Western ignorance and fear to call out gender, religious and racial apartheid in the face of an Islamic agenda. There is an aggressive Islamic Project and a drive — both by stealthy and overtly hostile means — to conquer us for the Dar al Islam (House of Islam). Until that conquest, we are regarded as part of the Dar al Harb (House of War), and our double standards and ignorance condemn us to defeat.

Christine Williams is a Journalist, Director with the Canadian Race Relations Foundations and Advisor to the Office of Human Rights, Freedoms and Inclusion.

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