Florida Responds to Orlando Massacre

Clarion Project asked residents of Florida for their thoughts on the Orlando terror attack. We were inundated with replies. Here’s a sample.

Clarion Project is determined to be the focal point for discussion on Islamism. In this case we turned to our subscribers in Florida to get their thoughts following the June 12 terror attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

We received dozens of replies. Below are just a few.

We thank you all for your replies. 

Please continue this conversation with us – wherever you live.

This is another horrific terrorist attack by a radical Islamic coward. Our thoughts and prayers to all the victims and their families. I would have liked to have seen someone or many people in that nightclub to have carried a legally concealed weapon. The outcome on this tragedy would have been very different… Then these animals who perpetrate such an act of hatred might start taking notice. We are not going to be sitting ducks for you to kill as many as you like. We are Americans, and we will protect our own from scumbags like you. We will stop you!

Anytime something like this happens, I think please don’t let it be Muslim. Let it be an American not that that is any better when lives are lost. How many lives need to be lost before we rein in the guns and the gun mentality.

The next thing I think about is what gives anyone the right to take anyone’s life?  The proliferation of guns in our society is so wrong.  Guns do not make us safer obviously it gives the wrong people power to do what they wish. And so often these killings are in the name of religion.  No religion condones killing, what are they thinking?

And unchecked anger, we need to bring back civility and politeness toward each other.  Kindness needs to be taught in our society as well as equality.



Once again we have a Muslim declaring allegiance to the Islamic State and committing an atrocity in the name of Islam. This person was on the FBI’s radar in the past. Why wasn’t he dealt with then? He was stopped by the police having a weapon. Why wasn’t he arrested then? Where did he get his weapon? It certainly wasn’t legal for him to have it. This is what gun-free zones bring. If someone had been armed in the club, even if they were security, the loss of life could have been minimized. If Americans lose their right to carry firearms in public, as Hillary Clinton advocates, these massacres will be even more commonplace as only criminals will have guns.

Rick Parker


I believe the Orlando massacre is actually a hate terror crime and not associated with Islamic radicalism even though the shooter is Muslim. I don’t have all the facts but I don’t believe that it was coordinated with jihad or ISIS. Only the end result of the investigation will determine what is really the truth



We need to join with Russia and seek UNITED NATIONS troops to enter Syria and destroy ISIS, then get out so as not to be perceived as occupiers.



I’m really getting tired of the use of the word alleged. Alleged terrorist. Alleged ISIS sympathizer. Alleged Islamic terror ties. Alleged stopped when he made the phone call and shouted alahu akbar as he was shooting. He is no longer alleged. He was an Islamic terrorist with proven ties to Islamic terrorist groups. He called 911 and professed his allegiance to ISIS and its leaders.

This wasn’t about a bigoted person that was upset because he saw 2 men kissing. This wasn’t about the LGBT community as a whole. This was about a person who is part of a religion that accepts, condones and encourages this type of behavior against those who will not conform to their ideologies.

Many religions around the world do not condone nor do they accept gays, yet we don’t see members of those religions going out and committing these types of atrocities.

This was not an anti gay act, this was an anti American act. We are for the most part a tolerant nation. We have the right to be what we want to be. People have the right to live their lives as they see fit. We don’t always agree with the choices others make, but we do not massacre those we do not agree with.

This act was a tragedy of epic proportions but even more so, it was a blatant attack against our nation by believers of an ideology masquerading as a peaceful religion.

It is a shame that we have a so called leader who refuses to acknowledge and accept that his chosen people are violent extremists who will wage jihad against anyone, anywhere and at any time to achieve their goal of converting the world to Islam.

Marvin Myers


Seems an Islamic terrorist attack.

Specifically targeted Gay community.

Already calls for tougher gun controls. I.E. background checks, Magazine limits, “Assault” weapons ban.

This is the future.

I wonder if the ‘club’ was a gun-free zone. Florida has easy CCL regs yet nobody in the club appears to have been armed.



Obviously, the Orlando shooting is tragic.   This is not a gun control issue, as some are trying to make it out to be.  The problem is radical Islamic terrorism.  Let’s call it what it is and deal with it.

I was glad they brought out an Imam to speak at one of the press conferences, but he missed a great opportunity to say that the Muslim community stands with the rest of America in a fight against radical Islam.  We need to all be outspoken about our solidarity against and be able to target our enemy:  Radical Islam!

Donna R.


I live in Central Fl.

I would like to know why it took reportedly 3 hours for law enforcement to counterattack?

How many victims bled out and died in that time?

My local TV is full of officials patting each other on their backs praising each other for how well they responded. I would like them to use that energy to prevent attacks not spin them after they happen. Enough already.

Jerry Kenney


Absolutely of sick minds.. horrible.. my condolences to all family, friends of these poor victims..

Art Castro


Clearly, a business that has a “gun free zone” policy just found out what that really means for their slain and injured patrons. No question, but the club will probably be sued into oblivion by the survivors and relatives of the dead for lack of proper security. Obviously the Muslim murderer never read the sign on the door, all he cared about was killing Gay folks out for a good time. And he certainly succeeded, 50 confirmed dead, and over 50 more injured, some of whom may also succumb! This is a warning to us all, don’t disarm our country, rather we must arm ourselves, as this is probably the work of ISIS or its followers. Join the NRA and the CCRKBA (citizens committee for the right to keep and bear arms). Protect your God given right to self protection and support THE SECOND AMENDMENT! Remember, it’s the one guarantees the existence of all the others!



Isis said they would attack Florida. An LGBT would be the most obvious target in the State with 350 people there. Muslims kill gays.

The National Guard might have been the only way to protect these folks who hate Christians but love Muslims.



When a person buys an assault weapon, is there not any vetting in a bank of information somewhere in law enforcement opened to review of previous arrests?!!!  Especially like Omar

Mateen and 3 arrests?!

Could this have been prevented if we allowed more peaks than squeaks of privacy laws?!!!!



So much for political correctness.

FBI had the perpetrator on their radar screen for almost three years and they drop the ball. Hail to the chiefs of political correctness. I would rather be safe than being wrong on keeping an eye on a suspected terrorist.

Steve A.


My heart is heavy with sorrow and compassion for the families and loved ones of those murdered in the Pulse night club.

I continue to pray for those being treated at ORMC and for the numerous others who are traumatized by this act of terrorism.

Joe M.


It’s about time we focus on the Muslim organizations that adhere to, and support, the Muslim Brotherhood ideology. That would include groups such as; CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MSA, the USCMO and more. We can’t identify the “Bad Muslims” if we only focus on the majority of Muslims that are “Good Muslims.”

Roger G.


It’s time to ban assault weapons from being sold to the public. We need to hold gun dealers accountable for their sales. This won’t stop all crimes but will decrease the amount and put us, all of us, at a more causative place in society.

I pray and mourn those innocent souls which have been tragically lost.



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