Trump: When asked about repealing Refugee Resettlement Act responded ‘I agree’

This morning our Ex. Dir. of Refugee Resettlement Relief spoke with the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump at the Trump Victory event. Our director raised his hand and was acknowledged by Mr. Trump, then stated: “Mr. Trump please repeal the Refugee Resettlement Act.*** That is how the terrorist are getting into the country.”

Trump responded, “I agree” and then pointed out several recent acts of Islamic terrorism committed by refugees and their families.

Mr. Trump had already spent most of his time talking about terrorism. With regard to the mass shooting in Orlando at the Pulse nightclub he said a high ranking representative in the gay community told him that the LGBT community was going to support him because “they know I am the only one who is going to protect them.” He went on to say that this is not only true for the gay community, but for all of us.

He again committed to building the wall and reminded us that the 16,000 Federal Border Patrol employees have endorsed him—-something they have never done in any other presidential race.

Trump emphasized the immigration issue at the Mexican border.  He dwelled on the massive amount of illegal drugs coming across the border, and claimed that the wall would help stem the flow of the drugs.

Trump was calm, well spoken and reasonable. He was a very pleasant, but a firmly committed gentleman. This is not the Donald Trump the media is describing. Donald Trump is thoroughly a gentleman, knows where he is going and what he wants to do when elected president.”

LOL! Check out this story about the event. Trump left empty seats for the banned Washington Post Reporters!

***Of course we all know it takes Congress to repeal the Act (Trump can press Congress from the bully pulpit), that is why it is so important that Speaker Ryan be given the heave-ho. Under his leadership it will never happen!

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EDITORS NOTE: If you are a regular reader, you know that occasionally we post a comment from a reader that we don’t want to lose buried at a specific post.  This is from Joe Newton of Georgia’sRefugee Resettlement Relief’ a citizens’ group (a pocket of resistance!).


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